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​Risks of the Medical Treatment Abroad

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Along with undeniable advantages of medical tourism, the format of obtaining medical services abroad from the home countries also carries certain risks. They may be associated with features of health care in different countries, and with legal and / or organizational nuances. Some points are worth paying attention to:

Risks of the Medical Treatment Abroad

The International Certification of Medical Institutions

While choosing country for treatment in the first place it’s advised to check whether the international standards of medical care are applied in this country. In some countries (for example, in Latin America or Asia), as medical standards in general, and medical technology may differ from the standards adopted in the United States, Western Europe and the CIS.

Short Stay in the Country of Treatment

Deadlines in need of the time within which to make a diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation under the supervision of medical staff is one of the biggest risks. Most patients leaving treatment or recuperation abroad, expect to receive full medical services for a period of several days to one month. Such a time limit, in turn, limits the ability of some experts, causing them to exclude long-term treatments, as well as compacted schedule of service by limiting the number of surveys and / or procedures.

Period of Treatment Abroad, Further Support and Advice of Doctors

While planning a trip, it is recommended to pay attention to the period of stay in the country, not only for the necessary medical procedure, but also to restore, which in some cases demands the equal attention as the primary procedure. It should also take into account the possibility of complications, especially in cases of surgical interventions. In general, patients are in need of care, rest and relaxation after any medical procedure. Given these circumstances, the possibility of extending the stay - and in terms of visas and in terms of living - it is recommended to take care in advance. In some types of surgical and medical procedures must be under constant supervision of doctors certain period of time in order to avoid complications. Recommended because the possibility of such supervision or consultation agreed in advance. Internet and other modern communication technologies can do it at a distance, including being already in their country of residence.

Treatment in Exotic Countries

Since medical tourism involves not only treatment, but also recreation, many people opt for this purpose exotic countries. In such a case, you should take into account peculiarities of climate, the possible need for climate adaptation, as well as vaccinations. We should not forget also about the dangers such as diseases and epidemics that are specific to the region.

Cost of Treatment Abroad

If choosing foreign medical institution, it is not recommended to be guided only by the price - quality at the lowest price may not meet acceptable standards. Low cost of medical services in some foreign clinics can be achieved through the use of outdated technologies and equipment, cheap medical supplies and drugs, as well as due to limited supply and / or care. Therefore it is necessary to specify a list of properties and medicines and materials that will be used for your treatment. Choosing a medical institution should opt for those that have an international or even national accreditation, and enjoy good reputation.

Legal Aspects and Support of the Medical Lawyers

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Legal protection - this is one of the risks of medical tourism: in a medical malpractice case can not always count the high level of legal protection, including due the differences in the laws of your country of residence and the one where you have decided to undergo treatment. Consult a lawyer before you go on the features of the legislation of the country in the field of consumer protection, health, customs and other things, this can be quite useful.

Use of Air Transportation

In some cases, air transportation, especially over long distances, is fraught with serious health risks, especially after undergoing surgery surgery, chemotherapy or hormone replacement rate and at certain stages of pregnancy. Flight can cause complications of varying severity - from dizziness to fluctuations in blood pressure, blood clots, etc. - which are facilitated by inadequate ventilation, dry air and an overabundance of carbon dioxide. If you are pregnant it’sadvised to check with the airline gestation at which you can expect to use the services of the airline.

Adopting timely measures to the competent choice of direction and medical institutions, visa registration and providing other conditions, all of these risks can be reduced significantly and make your trip abroad the most useful and enjoyable one.

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