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Rambam Medical Center

Rambam Medical Center was opened in 1938 and today it is one of the largest medical facilities in Israel. Rambam is a multidisciplinary medical diagnostic and treatment center, which is located in the northern region of the country. The main specialization of the medical institution is the provision of emergency medical care, in addition,Rambam is one of the best trauma centers not only in Israel, but throughout the world.

Rambam Medical Center

Specialties of Rambam Medical Center

Rambam Medical Center consists of:

  • 36 inpatient units, which can provide services for up to 1,000 patients simultaneously.
  • 45 diagnostic and treatment units.
  • 6 modern laboratories.
  • 10 institutions.
  • 30 administrative and maintenance departments.

The center employs about 4 thousand employees, which include 715 professionals, 1410 staff and junior medical staff members.

The clinic has the most innovative equipment, whereby each year it carries out complex operations and diagnostic tests. For example, surgical operations using DaVinci robot are carried out, not only among adults but also among children. In the center one can also carry out complex urological procedures, gynecological surgeries and more operation. Rambam is the only medical institution in Israel, where tremor is treated with the technology of focused CPD by MRI navigation.

Medical institutions are research and clinical base, and works closely with the medical faculty of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Collaborative research in various branches of medicine are carried out on an ongoing basis.

Many doctors clinic are Nobel Prize winners in various fields of science. Not long ago, Rambam Medical Center entered the prestigious list of the US National Library of Medicine.

Spine Surgery at Rambam

Departmen of Spinal surgery is widely known due to minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. For example, the mission operations are used for spinal canal stenosis or a herniated disc.

Heart Surgery at Rambam

The main feature of the cardiac surgery department of Rambam Medical Center is the presence of a hybrid operating room, which makes it possible to carry out both cardiac and vascular procedures (coronary angiography, ablation). Surgeons working in the cardiology department, known to the whole world a high level of qualification and conduct unique CABG procedures for operating the valve and CABG Safety MIDCAB.

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