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Assuta Clinic

Assuta Hospital is the largest modern network of private medical institutions in Israel. The first clinic was founded in 1934 and today Assuta clinic consists of 10 health centers, which are equipped with the most modern medical equipment, and are located in all major cities of the country. For example, hospital "Assuta Tel Aviv" was opened one of the last, but the level of treatment techniques used here and diagnostic equipment, is considered one of the best in the Middle East.

Assuta Clinic

Specialties of Assuta Clinic

Assuta Tel Aviv Clinic has 16 operating rooms where complex operations using the latest equipment and the most advanced technologies are carried out. The main feature of the network of clinics "Assuta" is a special style of work that involves constantly updating medical equipment, regular professional development of medical personnel and the introduction of new methods of treatment.

Despite the fact that the main specialty of Assuta is a high-tech surgery, the establishment offers a multidisciplinary medical care at a high professional level. State institutions consists of more than a thousand surgeons who perform thousands of operations every year, including such complex as a replacement heart valves, organ transplants, and many others.

The infrastructure of Assuta Clinic

Assuta Clinic consists of the following departments:

  1. Oncology Center, where the best oncologists of the country, who in his medical practice to use the latest technology early diagnosis and innovative methods of treating various forms of cancer, including those in the later stages.
  2. Department of General Surgery, in which operations are conducted on the treatment of obesity, plastic surgery breast glands, gastric resection, and more.
  3. Center IVF (in vitro fertilization), which uses the latest development of Reproductive Medicine.
  4. Department of Radiotherapy is one of the leading offices in Israel, which is equipped with the most modern equipment for the treatment of cancer. For example, there used only in Israel installation IMRT, which allows you to adjust the intensity of exposure.
  5. Cardiac Surgery Centre, which carried out all kinds of surgical operations on the heart and large vessels.
  6. Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation,which is specialized medical care after heart surgeries and heart attacks. To restore offers several rehabilitation programs are highly effective.
  7. Orthopedics Department, includes a whole range of medical careincluding total joint replacement, spine surgery, oncologic orthopedics, sports medicine.
  8. Neurosurgical Department is to carry out complex operations on the brain using CT navigation other advanced technologies.
  9. Center for diagnostic imaging provides all kinds of studies including ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET / CT.
  10. The Institute of Dialysis provides patients with all kinds of dialysis.
  11. Department of Gastroenterology performs all types of endoscopic examinations.
  12. Plastic Surgery Center provides a full range of plastic surgery, including the ones after serious accidents and injuries, such as the restoration of the face and so on.

Foreign patients are provided with additional features including comfortable accommodations, multilingual staff, personal translator, personalized service.

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