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Schneider's Children's Medical Center

Schneider's Children Medical Center is a unique medical institution, which has no analogues in the Middle East. The clinic provides all types of highly-specialized medical care for children from birth to the age of 18.

Schneider's Children's Medical Center

Features of Schneider's Center

Health facility is based on the rules of pediatric medicine entirely and is provided in accordance with the emotional, mental and physical characteristics of the child. At the same time, life in the medical center is organized in the way that each child can feel as of he or she were at home here. To do this, the center is equipped with all the possibilities, including the comfortable design and the work of the special services that help children pass psychological rehabilitation and improve their lives quickly in the center.

Children's Medical Center is one of the first places in the world among similar medical institutions having innovative high-tech medical equipment. Because of this, doctors successfully diagnose and treat a huge number of complex diseases, including the ones that are genetically determined.

Staff at Schneider's Center

Children's Center has more than 1,800 employees. It includes 190 doctors, 440 nurses, more than 150 specialized staff members(nutritionists, hairdressers, social workers, teachers, psychologists, clowns, educators).

The clinic is one of the largest research centers in the country, so more than half of doctors along with medical practitioners are the employees of Tel Aviv University. In addition, many employees of pediatric center, including nurses, speak several foreign languages. Almost 20% of employees know Russian, but if necessary, patients are given an assistant translator.

The Infrastructure at Schneider Center

The building of the center consists of seven floors, which can host 258 inpatient beds and 50 beds for day hospital. The clinic provides a comfortable environment for the placement of children with their parents, there is also a special area for games, entertainment, watching movies, computers and so on. Assistance for various special events, birthdays and other celebrations can be provided by more than 400 volunteers.

  • The following practices in the area of pediatrics were introduced in Schneider's center for the first time in the country: pain syndromes treatment, nuclear medicine.
  • Pediatric Oncology Center is one of the leading departments of the clinic. It provides treatment of malignancies and blood disorders among children at the highest professional level. The effectiveness of the treatment is considered to be the highest one in the Middle East. Organ transplantations, including heart, liver, kidney, bone marrow and lungs transplantations are carried out in the same compartment.
  • Cardiology Department is a leading center in diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in Israel.
  • At Children's Diabetes Center there was first applied multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of diabetes of the first type.
  • Paediatric Anesthesiology and Burns Center,which are located in the clinic are the only ones in Israel.
  • The Department of Medical Imaging specializes in the application of the latest digital and information technology for medical diagnostics and data storage.

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