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Dr. Cohen Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cohen Clinic of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is located in the center of Tel Aviv. The focus of its work is to provide aesthetic rejuvenation, as well as conduct some types of plastic surgeries.

Dr. Cohen Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mein Cohen has specialized in cosmetic medicine for more than fifteen years. He is a member of the Israeli Medical Association, the Certified Restoration Surgery, a graduate of the Reconstructive Surgery Toronto University Partnership, a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery Research, a member of the American Association of craniofacial abnormalities.

Rejuvenation program at the clinic of Dr. Cohen

One of the main treatments offered in clinic, which is extraordinaryly popular, is a facelift, conducted using the latest modern equipment and advanced technologies.

Dr. Cohen has developed a unique fifteen day program for rejuvenation, including:

  • Flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv on a comfortable aircraft.
  • Operation for performing facelift in the clinic of Dr. Cohen.
  • Lifting of the neck skin, which includes

    fascial-muscular layer.

  • Facelift, including the muscular system.
  • Upper Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift).
  • Fixing eyebrows (high)
  • Modulation of the lower eyelid with a laser peel.
  • Filling and leveling of wrinkles on nasolabial triangle and the modulation of lips circuit.
  • Rehabilitation after plastic surgery that takes place on a comfortable villa.
  • The recovery period, during which the patient lives in a five star hotel Sheraton, and reconstructive procedures are performed at the clinic.

Plastic Surgery in Dr. Cohen Clinic

In addition to rejuvenation, the clinic of Dr. Cohen offers a range of aesthetic surgical services, including:

  • Liposuction - removal of excess fatty tissue.
  • Laser peeling - resurfacing skin with a laser.
  • Breast Implants plastic surgery to enlarge or reduce the size of breast.
  • Blepharoplasty - eyelid surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty - correction of the nose.
  • Contour - removal of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Surgical removal of birthmarks, pigmentation.
  • Children's plastic surgery and other services.

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