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3 Myths About Treatment In Israel

3 Myths About Treatment In Israel

Every year more and more people prefer to rest not only abroad, but also to go there for treatment. As a rule, the reasons are different: someone believes that medical care abroad is better, for others prices are reasonable, and some wants to combine a great vacation with effective treatment. Israel is one of the most popularconties among medical tourists. In this regard, the Israeli medicine has several myths.

Myth №1: The treatment in Israel is very expensive

This is the most common myth, and a plemty of people believe in it, depriving themselves of the opportunity of high quality treatment. First of all, it should be noted that the level of medicine in Israel today is superior to almost all countries of the world. Israeli doctors have access to the most modern equipment and medicines.

Here is a simple and clear example to all - in Israeli hospitals in 93% of cases of the cancer therapy is successfull, while the statistics of other countries does not reach this figure, at least at 10%.

Thus, because of the highly qualified doctors, comfortable accommodation, the best medicines and medical equipment , it is not too expensive to  receive treatment in Israel . And if to compare it with the same treatment and rehabilitation programs in other countries, such as Germany, Israel rates are approximately 30-35% lower. But in America the same services would cost twice as much as they do in Israel.

Another nice bonus is that most clinics in Israel use a phased payment system, through which patients and their relatives have the time to raise the necessary funds. Such programs anywhere in Europe, unfortunately, do not work.

Myth №2: In Israeli hospitals can cure everything

This is not quite true. Yes, indeed, excellent technical facilities, the possibility to apply the most modern techniques and the qualitaty of drugs allow Israel to achieve stunning results in the treatment of the widest range of diseases, among which is as difficult as lymphoma and other forms of cancer. But, despite this, Israeli hospitals are reluctant to take patients with pathologies such as:

  • Tuberculosis. This disease is highly contagious and can have long-lasting, recurrent nature and unpredictable dynamics.
  • DTSTS. Typically, children with this disease require long-term treatment that should last at least for two or three years, sometimes the treatment is necessary throughout life .
  • The transplantation of organs that are not given by relatives. Same as in all the countries of the world,there axists a huge lack of donor organs, so patients from other countries can rarely be added to the queue for the donation of organs in Israel.

Myth №3: The treatment without an intermediary In Israel is impossible

This is not quite true. Without a doubt, if you first get into this country, you may encounter some problems, for example:

  • The language barrier, since not all hospitals have English speaking staff.
  • Ticket purchasing process.
  • Separate processing of visas.
  • Arrangements for the transfer from the airport to the clinic, and more.

On the other hand, today there are many firms that provide substandard mediation. In other words, take the money at the same time providing only minimal services. To protect yourself against such a fraud, you must either address the clinic that will offer translation services or the centers of medical tourism on your own.

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