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Treatment Of Metastases In Israel

Metastasis are secondary cancer foci. In other words, the cancer has the ability to spread not only in the tissues and organs that are in close proximity to the place of its occurrence, but also extend to other distant organs and systems by the means of metastasis. Thus, metastatic cancer is the leading cause of death from malignant disease, since the disease is very difficult be treated at this stage.

Treatment Of Metastases In Israel

Diagnosis of metastases in Israel

Theoretically cancer metastasis may distribute at any body site, but doctors noticed that each tumor type typically metastasizes to certain organs. For example, prostate cancer often metastasizes to the lungs, liver, and bone. For the diagnosis of metastatic cancer Israeli oncologists rely on a set of studies, the most informative ones are the following:

  • Laboratory analyzes of liquids.
  • Computed tomography.
  • X-rays and X-rays with contrast .
  • Positive emission tomography.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Scintigraphy.
  • Biopsy and many others.

Israeli oncology centers use only the most modern diagnostic equipment, which allows to determine metastases in any organ and then promptly initiate the individual treatment that significantly improves the prognosis of the disease .

Treatment of metastases in Israel

As a rule, modern oncology clinics in Israel adopt an integrated approach in the treatment of metastases that consis of local and systemic therapy. Local treatment implies the use of surgery and radiotherapy or embolization, a so-called artificial termination of tumor blood supply.

For systemic therapy Israeli oncologists use:

  • Chemotherapy using modern medicines that have a minimal negative impact on the body.
  • Biological therapy, which stimulates the immune system to fight cancer cells.
  • Targeted or targeted therapy.
  • Hormone therapy to stop the growth of secondary tumors.

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