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Lung Cancer Treatment In Israel

To date, lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed worldwide. The main problem of this disease is that it is very quickly coming to a stage of metastasis and at diagnosis, metastasis are spread throughout the body, making treatment almost ineffective.

Lung Cancer Treatment In Israel

Diagnosis of lung cancer in Israel

Israeli oncologists have achieved unprecedented results in the diagnosis of lung cancer in the early stages. The crucial and primary role in the diagnosis is given to special research methods that are the latest in its filed, divided into basic and advanced ones. Among the most effective methods of diagnosis include:

  • Computed tomography and positron emission tomography.
  • Super Dimension Bronchus System, which is a modern bronchopulmonary electromagnetic navigation.
  • Endoscopic and endobronchial ultrasound.
  • Thoracoscopy with a special device that allows to visually explore pleural cavity, lungs and bronchi.
  • Thoracentesis, the fence puncture of the pleural cavity.

Treatment of lung cancer in Israel

For the treatment of lung cancer Israeli oncologists use a range of methods, assigned individually in each case by taking into account the stage of the disease course and progression of the disease, general state of patient's health, and other things. In cancer centers of Israel for lung cancer treatment have been successfully applied:

  • Modern types of surgeries.
  • Chemotherapy with the latest pharmacological developments.
  • Irradiation with such modern equipment as "Novalis" and others.
  • Palliative therapies used to enhance the effectiveness of traditional methods of treatment of malignant tumors are also widely practiced by the Israeli oncologists.

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