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Cancer Treatment In Israel

Thanks to advances in medicine over the last century, life expectancy has increased by an average of twenty-five or thirty years. Of course, this fact can only be pleasant, but with it, the mankind started facing problems associated with diseases of old age. One of such diseases is cancer.

Cancer Treatment In Israel

Judgment or diagnosis

To date, the problem of cancer is rather topical in the world, but it should be noted that the progress does not deprive medicine with its newest  means of curing. Fortunately, nowadays in some countries a diagnosis of cancer no longer sounds like a death sentence. For example, in Israel, despite the difficulties of early diagnosis and radical cancer treatment, cancer curing achieved phenomenal success.

Oncology treatment in Israel is one of the priorities for many medical centers. Today, thanks to the most modern high-tech equipment and highly experienced physicians, oncology in Israel is one of the most developed branches of medicine. Hundreds of thousands of patients every year come here to fight the deadly disease and get another chance for a healthy, fulfilling life.

Diagnostics in Israel

The main component of success in oncology treatment in Israel is early diagnosis. Cancer is cunning as in the early stages of this disease symptoms are not manifested, and in the later stages the treatment in most cases becomes useless. Thus, early diagnosis of cancer tumors is almost a guarantee of successful treatment.

Medical centers of Israel have everything you need for the implementation of early diagnosis:

  • Computed tomography (CT).
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Various tests for tumor markers.

All these and many other methods used in cancer clinics in Israel can detect tumors at an early stage of development, when it was just beginning to emerge, and when its size can not be determined by conventional methods, for example, using ultrasound or x-ray. During this period It is very important to start active treatment, which will prevent radical surgery in the future.

Treatment of tumors in Israel

Cancer Treatment in Israel is carried out at the highest medical level, as all cancer centers in the country are equipped with modern facilities for the successful treatment of this disease. For the treatment of malignant tumors, the following pieces of equipment are used:

  • Particle accelerator Novalis, which is used for the impact of exposure of cancer.
  • The Da Vinci robot is used for minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Equipment for brachytherapy, the one for local tumor irradiation.
  • Equipment for bone marrow transplantation to patients with various types of blood cancer.

It should also be noted that 30% of the medical staff in oncology clinics of Israel speak Russian, which simplifies the process of diagnosis and treatment of Russian-speaking patients greatly.

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Riley  Napier
It is a fact that Israel is one of the best places which started a new medical era of genetic and molecular treatment. Advancement in technology and great research centers has made it possible to give people a new hope for fighting easily with severe disease like cancer. All Israeli hospitals are equipped with modern equipments provided by supplier like http://www.ilexmedical.com/ and running on the cutting edge to diagnose any sever disease inside one roof.

New technologies like the robotic prostate removal surgery are giving great benefit to the patient for living a better quality life.

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