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​Youth And Beauty At The Dead Sea

Among people Dead Sea resort is usually called "the territory of beauty". The reason for it is a unique climate and medicinal components found in both the sea and the surrounding mud. It is even said that there is no second place with such a unique climate and cosmetic properties anywhere in the world.

Youth And Beauty At The Dead Sea

Why is the Dead Sea unique?

Firstly, it is unique for its location. The Dead Sea is situated well below sea level, which is very rare in nature. This arrangement ensures a very rapid rate of evaporation, whereby already highly mineralized water is truly unique and even therapeutic due to a very high concentration of salts. The same goes for mud.

Add to that a high level of warmness of the Dead Sea and air oxygen saturation, and you will understand why the Israeli resort can not be compared with any other one.

Cosmetology: unique properties of the Dead Sea

It is simple. Water and mud from the Dead Sea have a number of curative, preventive and anti-aging properties, and therefore, in order to benefit from them, just take a dip in them. Apart from that the resort offers many related procedures, such as thalassotherapy, mud baths, wraps, sunbathing, natural rejuvenation with the southern Mediterranean herbs and olive oil and so on.

How you benefit from a trip to the Dead Sea?

Even if you do not suffer from serious skin diseases, but just want to get a little rejuvenated and renew your energy, go to the Dead Sea. After spending the entire week at this resort, you will notice that your skin has become elastic, complexion has become pleasant, and overall body tone and mood improved significantly.

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