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​Spinal Disc Herniation: Treatment In Israel

Operations or procedures that are carried out in Israel, will allow the patient to get rid of herniated discs, and therefore all the symptoms of this disease. Importantly, Israel widely uses both operational and non-surgical method of treatment. Both are equally effective. After a series of inspections the decisions whether to use a particular method is adopted neurosurgeon.

Spinal Disc Herniation: Treatment In Israel

Herniated disc - surgical treatment

Most of the operations that are offered by our specialists made to imply minimally invasive methods. Main types of operations:

Microdiscectomy is a complete removal of the damaged spinal disc herniation. The operation is performed under a surgical microscope, which allows to perform the surgery in detail accurately and not injure the surrounding tissue.

Open decompression or laminectomy  is a removal of the vertebral arch, which compresses the nerve. Thus, it protects the nerve endings, increases blood circulation. There are techniques for this operation, however the choice is up to the doctor after examining the results of tests.

Endoscopic nucleotomy is an operation that passes through the skin hole and is recommended to the  patients with small hernias without annoying symptoms. With the help of an endoscope the portion of the spinal disc pressing on a nerve is got. Duration of operation only 15-20 min, respectively, and the rehabilitation period is minimized. This is the most common type of operations.

Non-invasive method of treatment - nucleoplasty or "coldplast nucleoplasty"

With this method (American) damaged disk or even a part of the nucleus pulposus is removed using a bipolar electrode with a flow temperature of the plasma that is not more than 55 degrees. As with any mini invasive procedure, it is not dangerous for all other tissues, as it is carried out in a short time and does not require long-term rehabilitation. The procedure is performed under the control of the X-ray machine. There are several types nucreoplastics characterized by different methods of radio-frequency effects.

Substitution of intervertebral disc

In many cases, the disease causes more severe consequences: patients are restricted in their movements, feel pain in the arm, leg, hip or disease leads to dysfunction of internal organs. Such patients Israeli experts offer the fastest and most effective way to cure - the replacement of the intervertebral disc. Israel has done thousands of these operations per year and the experience of that doctors is unique.

Such an operation to replace the intervertebral disc (again, there are several methods) lasts for about two hours. To obtain a positive result, it is controlled by the surgical microscope, and then a fluoroscope, allowing first to remove the intervertebral disc, and then to insert the implant with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

In such operations artificial polymer discs or discs of special endoproteznyh metal alloys are used. Caught on around the implant there is a new bone remodeling, which restores the function of the vertebra.

Israel is one of the countries in which these operations have the highest performance with minimal rehabilitation period.

Prices for these operations depend on the technique of surgery and the type of implant and vary between 15-20 thousands of dollars.

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