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7 Tips On How to Receive Treatment At The Dead Sea

We know many of you are wondering whether to go to the Dead Sea or not. We may answer unequivocally that you should go.  At the same time, we will give answers to the most popular questions the medical tourists going on this amazing resort have.

7 Tips On How to Receive Treatment At The Dead Sea

Why is it better to treat psoriasis at the Dead Sea seaside?

It's simple.  The Dead Sea treatment of this disease takes more than a year, and the results are impressive as they often lead to long-term remission (complete or partial recovery of the patient) and are achieved using natural methods. The climate of the Dead Sea is so unique that it appears to be healing itself, even without concomitant procedures.

The main treatment at the Dead Sea is carried out by the sun and is called the "dosed heliotherapy". Sunbathing is recommended by doctors to be taken for at least 3-4 hours a day. But be careful! The common thought that it is not possible to get burnt at Dead Sea is misleading. Despite the fact that the reservoir is located in a cavity and harmful radiation almost does not reach the coastal zone, the risk to get burnt is still there. Therefore, you need to sun yourself for no longer then it is recommended by a doctor.

Is it possible to swim in the Dead Sea?

Of course, it is not only possible, but necessary as well! The concentration of minerals in Dead Sea water reaches 33%. For comparison, imagine that you have added a 50 kg bag of sea salt to the bath. Here, taking water treatments at the Dead Sea, you will get the same amount of salt. The only thing you should consult with your local doctor about is diving. You need to know the exact amount of salt that will not harm your body.

Is mud from the Dead Sea also therapeutic?

Of course! Peloideterapiya (or simply a mud baths) is one of the main treatments among spa procedures. It is a perfect treatment for psoriasis and joint disease. During the course of treatment the patient undergoes a special wrapping or local mud application, but under the supervision of his or her doctor only.

Are modern methods of treatment used at the Dead Sea?

Of course! The natural factors and the unique climate are surely the mainstay of treatment at the Dead Sea, but they are certainly combined with various modern treatments. Along with classical treatment methods, doctors use the most high-tech ways of curing. At the Dead Sea the technique of laser shock wave therapy is actively used together with other innovative methods.

Do I need to follow a special diet when going to the Dead Sea?

No special diet is required. On the contrary, according to doctors, the patient's body should receive all the nutrients. But drinking plenty of fluids is ф mandatory thing. Low humidity and high temperatures have an impact on the body, so you need to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Drinking regime violation can lead to poor health and even fainting.

When is it better to be treated?

The most recommended period for visiting dead sea is from March to November, excluding summer (if you are among those who do not tolerate heat). Treatment repeating at the resort is recommended 1-2 times per year for several years.

How to choose the right hotel at the Dead Sea?

It is best to apply to those hotels which have a specialized medical center for the treatment of the illness that you are suffering from. In most institutions, you will most likely be offered only standard package that will include SPA-procedures. But only a doctor can determine, whether you need them or not. In addition, in the right medical center you'll also be able to receive appropriate diagnosis, a personal consultation and a clear plan of treatment.

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