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​Hamat Gader

Israel offers more opportunities to health and relaxation stay in Israel and is pleased to introduce a new product - Hamat Gader. Why Hamat Gader and why this is a known location?

Hamat Gader

Gader Greek city was built on top, with views of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) and the Yarmuk River. At the foot of the hill, in the valley of the Yarmouk River, on a small promontory, was founded Hamat Gader - Gader hot springs.

During the Roman period gained widespread popularity therapeutic properties of these hot springs in Hamat Gader was built the second largest in the Roman bathing complex . Visitors in ancient times were the famous rabbis baths, as well as outstanding Greek philosophers and teachers, such as Meleager and Filodemus.

The Fence

Hamat - "hot", Gader - "fence." Named for the ancient city set on a small hot springs lower valley (-150 m), located at the southern foot of the Golan plateau. Jewish sages asked tricky question - "Can I get on a fence (Gader) on Saturday?" And they answered him thus: - "Climb - no, but you can get off it.”

"That is to come into the city and do business - is prohibited, but descend into the valley and swim in the healing springs - a sweet deal! And although today the Jews can not "come down off the fence" - Gader appeared in Syria, but sources are their favorite destination on Saturdays.

Near the magnificent baths in the Roman period was a synagogue built with beautiful mosaic floor. Gader with its hot springswas part of the Decapolis - the area of the Greek cities, well-known by Jesus. Here on earth of Gaders, Jesus and the apostles for a long time wandered, healed and preached.

Why Is It So Good?

Hamat Gader is an amazing recreation complex in northeastern Israel. This place is second to none, with several spa resort hot springs and a leisure center for swimming.

Thermomineral water of Hamat Gader is distinguished by two features:temperature and rich in minerals. Bathing in the waters Hamat Gader accelerates the body's metabolism, promotes cell renewal, facilitates joint pain and ailments associated with the problems of the genitourinary system, digestive system, etc.

Hamat Gader has five underground sources: Ein Makala (Frying Pan) Ein Areah (fragrant source), Ein Balm, and Ein Ein Bulus Sahne.

Sources complex Hamat Gader comprises: spacious swimming pools with healing water, massage beds and chairs in the hot tub, massaging all parts of the body, water cannons to relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back, bubble pool, a huge waterfall to relax the body, cozy treatment rooms in wooden huts, in which various types of massages and other treatments of alternative medicine.

Hamat Gader is an amazing wellness center in northeast Israel, near the Sea of Galilee. This place is second to none, medical spa, with several hot springs and a leisure center for swimming.

Hamat Gader Today

Hamat Gader today is the site of the surviving settlements developed, formed during the reign of the Romans 2000 years ago. Even then, this place has become one of the largest, health centers, among other important and luxurious Roman Empire. There still remained a huge theater with a capacity of several thousand people.

Proximity to major Christian shrines connected with the activities of Jesus Christ,transformed Hamat Gader in many important place for Christian believers around the world. Researchers believe that Jesus Christ and his disciples bathed in hot, Hamat Gader health sources. By the way not far from here the solemn ceremony of baptism in the Jordan River.

Unique feature, among many useful properties, is the cure of diseases, pains in the body and various diseases. Special place for swimming - bath filled with natural, thermo-mineral springs, coming from bowels of the earth. Their temperature ranges from 42 to 57 degrees Celsius.

Besides improvement here and there to look at. Picturesque, exotic nature surrounding these places, ancient Roman buildings, and even the animal area. Daily here are funny presentation colorful parrots, crocodiles and in the nursery you can see how these feed crocodiles. In particular delight children come, especially for whom built waterslides.

On nutrition in general, everything is great! On the territory there are two restaurants and several eateries with great food. And so the journey even more memorable, you can look in the gift shop and buy some trinket there.

Hamat Gader is a successful combination of history, holiness, health, beauty and spiritual touch to the holy places of Christendom.

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