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​Why Treatment in Israel Attracts Tourists

Main advantage of the Israeli health care system, which, in turn, makes it an attractive treatment in Israel for foreign citizens is the highest training of physicians. Traditionally, in Israel, the medical profession is considered very prestigious and respected, so the approach to training is different complexity and seriousness.

Why Treatment in Israel Attracts Tourists

Perfection of the Health System in Israel

Main specialization lasts four and a half years, but it is only for psychiatrists and family medicine specialists. For example, surgeons learn 6-6.5 years, after which they must pass practice, about a year. After graduation and passing time, the physician must choose a specialization, which must take place in one of the specialized medical departments and at the end pass two major exams. As the results of these examinations, the expert can get the title of a senior doctor. But that's not all, because specialization will take another two-year training. Thus, only the learning process in the Israeli for experts lasts from thirteen to fifteen years. After that, your doctor can work together in one of the medical institutions of the state, to open a private practice.

Regulated medical practice has good legislative base which controls the Ministry of Health of Israel. In addition, there is a huge number of insurance companies insuring professional activities of physicians, but only in the region, specialization in which the doctor was confirmed and exams. For this reason medicine in Israel have a narrow focus, ie activities doctor has a clear limitation in its specialization, which leads to a high level of professionalism.

What Attracts Tourists From the Former Soviet Union

There are some advantages of Israeli medicine, that make it attractive in the eyes of Russian tourists.

  • First of all, the Israeli medicine has a social orientation, which is regulated by the law on mandatory health insurance. Therefore, today anyone in need, regardless of social status and position, can receive medical services of the highest quality.
  • Using only the best medical equipment.
  • Use of medications of the highest quality.
  • Nearly forty percent of Israeli doctors are from the former Soviet Union countries, so foreign patients feel comfortable enough and have no language barrier.
  • Climatic conditions of Israel favorably affect the course of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

What Are the Advantages of Israeli tourists from the EU and America

Besides Russian tourists, Israeli medicine is extremely attractive for Europeans and Americans. This is not surprising, since the Israeli has advanced medical practice and a strong science base is world renowned. But the most important advantage of treatment in Israel for foreign tourists is the reasonable prices for medical services that have strictly defined standards, binding not to raise prices for medical services for foreign customers.

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