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​Resorts of Israel

Medicine of Israel is considered one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the world scale. Treatment in Israel is popular among residents of the CIS and Western Europe. Spas and medical centers of Israel use the most advanced methods of cure of various diseases. Reputation of medical personnel and the level of medicine in Israel are recognized as the best in the world. No coincidence that here are directed many guests who would like to combine the excellent holiday in the resort with sanatorium treatment.

Resorts of Israel

Best Resorts

Probably no exaggeration to say that the whole color of Israeli medicine works in Herzliya Medical Center. In this center, customer service, even by the high standards of this country, is called unprecedented. Modern methods of healing and the latest drugs are seeming almost omnipotent and promise to get rid of all the suffering ailments. In a multi-center, you can count on the widest range of medical services here to treat oncology, neurosurgery, hematology, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology. Performed are the procedures of general surgery, bone marrow transplant, artificial insemination, and many others.

Enjoyable and Rewarding

It would be the perfect solution to try to combine the treatment in one of the resorts with the rest of Israel. This country is famous for its unique climatic conditions and, therefore, recovery will come faster for sure. In recreation complexes are cured all sorts of ailments. Very popular medical center "Tiberias Hot Springs", which is located in the town of Tiberias. It's a leading world-class spa center, which is located at the Lake of Galilee. Centre gained notoriety thanks to seventeen mountain mineral springs, which have a depth of two thousand meters and are very beneficial to the nervous and circulatory systems. Healing springs relieve pain, inflammation, muscle tension. In the center are tested a range of beauty and therapeutic treatments.

You can also settle with "Hamat Gader," which stretches from the foot of the Golan plateau. Worth caring hands in surrender to the best specialists, undergo a series of procedures to return home healthy and rested. Acknowledge: the entire Dead Sea region can be taken as a single large precious natural healing zone.

Resort complex "Hamei Gaash" is located in a picturesque, quiet place at Kibbutz Gaash, cozy corner in agriculture, which is surrounded by greenery - it's something half away by car from Tel Aviv. Indications to stay in these places can be frequent respiratory diseases; chronic fatigue, long-term stress; irregularities in the circulation; pain in the back and joint area; skin diseases. "Hamei Gaash" is a perfect venue for high-performance anti-aging cosmetic procedures.

Pricing Policy

Need to admit: sometimes for the one who wants to go to the Dead Sea, to visit Israel, the prices may seem a bit excessive. It has one undeniable argument: high treatment costs money to get rid of ailments plaguing you is priceless. Resorts of Israel are unique, so it is hardly reasonable to neglect the opportunity to visit them for the purpose of rehabilitation.  

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