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​Features of Reproductology in Israel

Addressing infertility problem is a very important task in modern medicine, it is engaged in the industry of reproduction. Israeli reproduction diagnose infertility when it is impossible to conceive a child for a long period of time (within a year and more) provided regular relations without using any contraception.

Features of Reproductology in Israel

Statistics indicate that infertility has to suffer no less than eight percent of women of childbearing age . More often people go to Israel to perform IVF. Method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is based on a fertilized egg in vitro, ie in a test tube, outside of the body. Subsequently, the embryo is transplanted into the uterus. Artificial insemination and IVF are long used successfully in Israel.


IVF in Israel, and not only here, has proven its efficiency. When performing in vitro fertilization IVF egg is extracted from the female body to be fertilized artificially. Thereafter, an embryo is placed for several days in a special incubator. After a certain period of the grown embryo must be migrated to the expectant mother's uterus. Further development of the fetus comes in vivo. As proved by the practice of medicine, pregnancy when performing IVF in Israel may occur about 35 percent of cases. Ninety percent of pregnancies resulting from in vitro fertilization IVF should end with successful delivery. This is a very high percentage.

Success Background

Doctors know that using IVF needs the highest caliber professionals. The perfect technical basis for the treatment and diagnosis of infertility is needed as well. Reproductive clinics in Israel are fully complying with these conditions. No coincidence that in Israel every year thousands of couples come for IVF. Israel is currently called the recognized leader in in vitro fertilization.

Service Package

Curing infertility using IVF will begin with diagnostic procedures. The patient will be examined by a doctor of reproduction. He’ll have to make a radiographic contrast study of the uterus (procedure hysterosalpingography), blood tests and urine tests. To confirm the diagnosis, a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy is performed, ultrasound pelvic area, as well as for men the sperm test.

Woman during fertilization IVF all the time is under the supervision of a doctor. At least once in three days, blood is tested for hormone content. Twelve days after embryo is transferred in a woman's body, a pregnancy test is performed. Providing medical supervision allows conception fails timely adjust and track multiple pregnancy (optional female embryos removed unnecessary). Childbirth in women who became pregnant after IVF procedure will occur naturally.

Transitional and Financial Factors

For IVF it’s needed to reside in the country at least for a month. In Israel, IVF cost ranges from 4.3 to 7.6 thousand dollars. More exact price depends on the pricing policies of a particular clinic, doctor qualifications, complexity and number of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, length of stay in a medical facility.

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