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​Pharmaceutical Industry of Israel

Israel, no doubt, is a country promising scientific research and high technology. We also know that in Israel there’s a well-developed chemical industry. All this provides a good foundation for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Israel. Medications in Israel are not just produced for the needs of the country's population - medicines are widely exported worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Industry of Israel

Importantly, Israeli recipes that produce a lot of drugs in other countries - for example, in the United States twenty seven percent of the drugs are produced with Israeli patent.

Pharmacist in Israel

Israeli medicine is ready to tackle new challenges and new pharmaceuticals - to create new drugs, medicines produce in large quantities, to train specialists-pharmacists. In Israel, a pharmacist studying for three and a half years (a total of seven semesters), and then another six months to conduct an internship. A pharmacist trained in two Israeli universities, Ben-Gurion University, which is located in the Negev (Beersheba) and the University of Jerusalem.

Israel practices universal health insurance. This means that all citizens have the right to obtain prescription drugs at a big discount. However, this is true in the case where the named drugs included in the so-called basket of health services, which was approved at the level of the government of Israel. List of drugs that are allowed to buy without a prescription, is small.

Largest On The Pharmaceutical Market

Among the largest companies and leaders in the pharmaceutical industry experts call the Israeli Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. This company has been established in 1901, by Haim Solomon, Moshe Lewin and Yitzhak Elshteyn - young pharmacists, who ran a small drugstore in Jerusalem. Now, after many years, Teva is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world scale. Over the past few years, the company managed to absorb fifteen other pharmaceutical companies. Teva has forty factories across the globe. Companies of this company employ about forty thousand employees.Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is the largest manufacturer of generic drugs. We are talking about drugs that were originally developed by other companies, but the term of the patent for which has already expired. However, Teva has been producing a huge range of proprietary products. For example, a unique drug for multiple sclerosis called "Copaxone" cure for Parkinson's disease "Azilekt" and others. In enterprises "Teva" made about 1250 types of chemicals that are used to prepare about ten thousand medicines.

Prospects of Pharmaceuticals in Israel

In the country on a permanent basis are explored and developed the new drugs. Not long ago, an Israeli company Vaxil BioTherapeutics specialists were able to create a new vaccine that can be used to cure cancer diseases. New drug endowed with the ability to enhance natural immunity, which then will independently cope with cancer. Israeli oncologists believe that this drug showed efficacy against nine of the ten malignant tumors. In addition, it will help in curing tuberculosis.  

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