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​Reproductology In Russia: Specialties

Russia becomes more confident country in the field of reproductive health tourism. Reproduction is referred to as the medical field, in which includes the study of normal human reproductive function, as well as pathological conditions, fraught with infertility.

Reproductology In Russia: Specialties

Reproduction in Russia

Regulation of family planning and fertility is one of the most important tasks of the state. In Russia it is one of the major factors that can ensure normal living conditions for future generations of people. It is known that according to the World Health Organization in all highly developed countries over the past three decades, there was observed an increase in the number of infertile marriages, the number of which reaches 15-25 percent. And in the case of exceeding the rate of infertility in fifteen percent, there may appear social and demographic problems of national importance.

Given the socio-political significance of this problem, the country adopted the Concept of Demographic Policy, which covers the period up to 2025.

Demographic Policy

In the Russian Federation it was suggested to stabilize the population by the year 2015 to the level of 142-143 million people. It is planned to improve the quality of life and increase life expectancy by 2015 to seventy years, by 2025 - up to seventy-five years. In terms of solving the problem associated with strengthening of reproductive health, it is planned to ensure the availability and improve the quality of care to restore reproductive health services, including those assisted reproductive technology.

What is ART

ART, or assisted reproductive technology, is a means of therapy for infertility. The method imples that all stages of conception or its separate stages, as well as the early development of the embryo, take place outside the body.

ART involves the following spects:

  • invitro fertilization and embryo transfer into the uterus;
  • injection of sperm into the oocyte cytoplasm;
  • sperm donation;
  • oocyte donation;
  • surrogate motherhood;
  • preimplantation diagnosis in relation to hereditary diseases;
  • artificial insemination with husband or donor.

Medical potential

It could not be said about all clinics for reproductive medicine, but the best Russian clinics specializing in this area are equipped with modern medical machines. However, the main value of each clinic is a passionate, experienced friendly team of professionals: embryologists, gynecologists, andrology. Specialists have the opportunity to participate in international exhibitions and conferences, to enter into their clinical practice, and to actively use the latest developments and discoveries in the field of assisted reproduction.

Prospects for reproductive tourism

Assisted reproductive technologies give a chance to married childless couples to become happy parents. Now Russia has about 120 public and private medical institutions, in which both free and paid IVF (in vitro fertilization) practice.

Financial issue

The cost of IVF, reproduction and Clinical Embryology in the capital city in average will cost about 130 to 160 thousand rubles. In the ECO region hardly cheaper as drugs and supplies all cost about the same. However, the efficiency of IVF clinics is different different.

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