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​Dentistry in Russia: Specialties

Experts argue that dentistry in Russia is not as sophisticated as, for example, in Europe or the United States, but every year it is steadily moving forward and improving.

Dentistry in Russia: Specialties

Private or public dentistry?

Dentistry in Russia can be divided into paid and free one, which is received in public dental clinics. In private hospitals you need to pay for everything, even for consulting with a dentist, although there may be exceptions. In a public hospital only the manipulation of teeth and materials requires payment.

Experts have compared the quality of services provided by these two types of dental clinics and concluded: in private clinics the quality is in most cases higher. This is due to the fact that the private dental offices often employ the most qualified professionals who prefer to receive a worthy reward for their work.


If to look into the situation in the regions, then, of course, dentistry is most developed in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but in recent years this area of medicine is developing quite quickly at the local areas. Dentistry is of an impressively high level in Kazan, Novosibirsk and Ufa.

The most popular service

Analyzing most popular dental services practiced by Russians, experts anticipate prosthetics to occupy first place and the treatment of caries to occupy the second one while the correction of bite and teeth whitening occupies the third place. The procedure for dental implants, on the contrary, is not too popular. This is probably associated with the fact that patients are not well informed about this field in dentistry. For comparison: the implantation of teeth in western countries replaced prosthetics a long time ago. This means that Russian dentistry is far behind Western one. But it is a matter of time.

Innovative methods

Since 2001, entire Russia starts to actively use innovative methods of dentistry, including laser and basal implants, tooth decay cure with chemi-mechanical and air-kinetic method and others. Gradually Russian specialists learn from the experience of Western dentistry and develop theories based on their own observations. No doubt, in the near future the quality of Russian dentistry will improve and patients will go without fear of the dentist, being entrusted that it will be possible to solve problems with their teeth.

A good dentist

In Russia, as well as in other countries, a good dentist is the one that respects the patient. A good dentist will recommend what type of implants to choose and what kind of toothbrush and toothpaste to use. But most importantly, a good dentist should be professional. It is not secret that dental technology today allows to do magic with teeth, but it is important to be able to use this technique correctly.

A good dentist is obliged to provide guarantees for the services he offers, if to mention an implant or common seal. Reasonable assurance is considered to be provided for a period of 1-3 years. If the specialist warrants for a period of tame that is more than five years, or only six months, you should start thinking that something is not right.

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