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​Plastic Surgery In Russia: Specialties

Plastic surgery has been and probably will always be a topic of a current discussion. At the moment it is able to solve one of the main tasks that is to try to cheat aging and stay attractive and young longer.

Plastic Surgery In Russia: Specialties

The Development Of Plastic Surgery In Russia

The situation in the early 1990s was the following. Plastic surgery market was pretty big, offered expensive services that were not controlled by anybody. Banned in Canada, the United States and Western Europe, carcinogenic materials for prosthetics that do not meet FDA standards or CE came to Russian market. Today, experts say that plastic surgery in Russian is national specific. Among the most popular operations are the correction of the nose and liposuction.

Plastic surgery had long been perceived as a luxury or a luxury of a service class. The bunch of specialized clinics in the near future will be open in all Russian regions. Specialists in plastic surgery say beauty is not something that is worth disregarding, as it it better to eat less than save on beauty.

Investment in beauty

It is interesting that the financial crisis has not so much affected the market of plastic surgery in Russia. Customers who were willing to afford the expensive operation, even in times of economic growth were not numerous. Financial difficulties forced only middle-class consumers to leave the market. A considerable number of Russians are willing to spend from 40 to 50 thousands of rubles a month on beauty treatments, including additional expenses on operations.

"You have decided to go for an expensive operation, but you can believe that the effect it will bring will be long lasting. It is just as we buy a good car hoping that we will drive it for sufficient number of years, "- estheticians commented.

Financial issue

Transaction price in plastic surgery, as a rule, is based on three main factors - the cost of the surgeon's services (the surgery), the cost of hospital stay, cost of anesthesia.

The average cost of plastic surgery:

  • abdominoplasty costs 115 rubles.;
  • blepharoplasty (eyelid) - 44 thousand rubles;
  • aginoplasty - 75 thousand rubles;
  • hymenoplasty (with restoration of virginity) - 30 thousand rubles;
  • labioplasty (with labial) - 37 thousand rubles;
  • liposuction (tumescent, 4 zones) - 58 thousand rubles;
  • breast lift - 113 thousand rubles;
  • facelift (circular, band 3) - 135 rubles ;
  • rhinoplasty - 100 thousand rubles;
  • breast augmentation (with anatomic implant adding) - 147 thousand rubles;
  • breast augmentation (with round implant adding) - 132 thousand rubles;
  • breast reduction - over 118 thousand rubles;
  • otoplasty (with the removal of droopy ears) - 35 thousand rubles.

Non-surgical procedures

  • botox (injections, 1 item.) 320 rubles;
  • restylane (injection, 1 ml) 3 thousands of rubles;
  • laser hair removal (1 zone) 2.4 thousand rubles;
  • hair transplant (1 graft) 110 thousand rubles;
  • chemical peels (1 zone), 2.2 thousand rubles.

When looking for the best price for plastic surgery, make sure to check if it includes  the price of anesthesia and hospital stay. Is it possible to pay for an operation in installments or by taking credit? Is it possible to reduce the cost of the surgery? Make sure you have all the info on which terms you need to follow in order to do it.

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