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​Illnesses Of Russians

Clinical examination of adult citizens has been conducted last year in Russia. Medical examination has been done for about 23M people. So now it’s clear exactly what illnesses do Russians have in different regions.

Illnesses Of Russians

Most "Popular" Diseases

In age 21-36 yrs most of Russians are bothered with endocrine diseases with explicit symptoms of eating disorders. At the age of 39-60 yrs and older are diseases of the circulatory system. According to statistics, for each thousand people in middle age has 18,69 cases of eating disorders and diseases of the endocrine system, 11,94 facts of diseases in the circulatory system and 8.81 cases of diseases of the digestive system. No less than seven people of young and middle age out of every thousand suffer from problems with the nervous system.

Other Data

Relatively recently has been published "Health Atlas of Russia" that physicians perceive as the encyclopedia of Russian sorrows. Atlas creators believe that the first place among all diseases in the country take heart and blood vessels problems. In second place in this ranking is the oncology. Accidents, injuries and suicide attempts are in the third place.

How To Deal With It

Researchers know that different regions of Russia suffer differently. Important role is given to not only weather and climate conditions, but also the health care.

  • In the Central District it makes sense to fear tumors malignancy, diabetes and diseases of the circulatory system.
  • In the north-west Russia, Russians often try to treat mainly kidney disease.
  • Siberia residents must pay special attention to the problems of the genitourinary system, increased blood pressure, for diseases of the digestive and endocrine system, obesity and tuberculosis.
  • In the Southern District statistics are more prone to diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, rhinitis, allergies, epilepsy , pharyngitis.
  • Far East residents hassle ulcer disease, piroplasmosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis.
  • In Volga District dangerous are diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, subcutaneous tissue, skin, metabolism.

Why Russians Get Sick

According to statistics, 70% of the possible causes of death of Russians experts associate with smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Tobacco dependence waves cover the population. Number of male smokers slightly prevails over the number of women smokers.

To a large extent on the health of people is affected by the problem of interpersonal relationships, stress at work, racial intolerance and even a change in the political situation in the country and around the world. Not be discounted, and a steady decline in interest in the sport.

Expert Opinion

Three-time Olympic figure skating champion Irina Rodnina said: each would be worth thinking about what can be done in terms of the nation's health. Starting to lead the country in order is do it yourself. Everyone from small to big should be responsible for their own health. It makes sense to listen sensitively to those signals that our body sends to us. You can not be passive, it is important to take care of yourself - do sports, get up in the mornings for exercises. Work on your health! 

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