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​Why Russians Go Abroad For Treatments

Most often Russians in foreign clinics have to travel to perform a bone marrow transplant in the development of a rare disease, a complication or procedure from an unrelated donor - in some cases, doctors do not have the proper experience or equipment. Also for treatment abroad are going to spend a complicated neurosurgical operation which employ medical technologies and drugs that are not registered in Russia.

Why Russians Go Abroad For Treatments

Other Reasons

Increasingly cause a trip to a foreign clinic becomes the treatment of gastric ulcers, eczema, cataracts, childbirth, breast augmentation, etc . Russia has also do all this, but the problem is that not all regions have the right equipment, the required number of nurses and effective drugs that can be obtained without problems and use. It is understood abroad is hardly a miracle doctor who can do everything perfectly sewn into the brain due to the chip or using magic pills. But there just has staffed competent nurses, good equipment, counterfeit drugs without cost - there are these links are equally strong.

Several less have to go abroad for treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, etc. But it is necessary to take into account: Abroad developed effective techniques which allow to cope with the aforementioned problems, but it is extremely important that both the patient and the doctor spoke the same language - when it comes to addiction, mental or psychological problem, work through an interpreter considered unprofessional.

What Are The Check-Ups?

Clinical examination is another service that every year more and more in demand: the man behind one, two or three days pass a comprehensive examination, sometimes combining it with business trip or vacation travel. Distinguish cardiac, gastrointestinal, urological or gynecological check-ups - at will and needs of the patient.

To the U.S. - for Organ Transplantation

For the procedure of organ transplantation recently prefer to ride mainly in the U.S. because there spend organ transplants from unrelated donors to foreigners. It is known that in Europe created a single organ bank. If the patient is not a citizen of the European Union, to get such an operation is extremely difficult. Such restrictions in the USA. Also worth considering that there is debugged intake system bodies. Donor liver in America do not wait more than six weeks, while in Russia it takes several months.

Do You Need Intermediaries?

In the case of medical treatment abroad, as well as buying an apartment, it is realistic to do on their own: to try to find via the Internet or word of mouth a good specialist, call the clinic and go there for treatment. But in the presence of a mediator-good elements of risk at every stage minimized.

How to Choose a Clinic

To be able to choose a really good clinic and most professional doctor, it makes sense to explore the statistics (difficulty level, results), scientific publications, know the opinion of the medical community. Sometimes as a result unable to find a gorgeous, but not the most famous hospitals in the treatment process which is much cheaper. It may also happen that the eminent Dr. titled manages more literate, but not as well-known colleague who can cure you.

How Much Will It Cost

High-tech medical treatment abroad in some cases may be free to the patient - if officially in Russia it is impossible to carry out. The Ministry of Health will assume all costs. But it certainly is not for every patient. The most expensive treatment at their own expense can cost several million rubles. The most expensive area is considered Switzerland. Comparable funds take in expensive hospitals in Germany. 1000-2000 dollars for an average total walking simple diagnostics in Israel for twenty thousand euros in Germany do coronary artery bypass, ten thousand rubles a chance to consult in absentia by the Israeli or German professor.

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