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Family holidays in Ukraine: 5 best places

We offer you a rating of five best places in the Ukraine for a family holiday. Seats are allocated according to the following criteria to be met resorts

  • Conditions.
  • Meals.
  • Availability for swimming.
  • Things that are equally interesting for both children and adults.

Family holidays in Ukraine: 5 best places

1. Transcarpathian region, Mizhgirya area Kolochava

Kolochava is a unique place for relaxation. It is a small village, but there are 10 museums that are dazzling. For example, the "Old Village" - is an open air museum where you can be considered a work of artisans, ride on the historic narrow gauge railway and dine in an authentic café. There is also a parrot reserve, which is known all over the country, because it is the only one on the territory of Ukraine frequent poultry farm, which is represented by more than two thousand pigeons and parrots.

Bee hospital - another unique place Kolochava village. Here you can go shopping to traditional honey, and put himself in a state of harmony with nature. A selection of fresh fish with a child that you can cook in the evening on the grill, leave a lasting impression to the end of the holiday!

2. Rivne region, White Lake

White Lake is striking in its pristine beauty. But most importantly, the water of the lake has healing properties, because it contains large amounts of glycerol. After a swim in the lake skin becomes very soft and small dermatological problems will disappear by themselves, without any additional treatment.

The main holiday destinations in the White Lake - is:

  • Bathing in the lake.
  • Beach rest.
  • Walking in the woods.
  • Picking berries and mushrooms.
  • Games sports venues .
  • boating and catamaran sailing.
  • Fishing.

3. Transcarpathian region, Tyachiv district, Ust-Chorna

Ust-Black used to be called "the royal field," is a place environmental health resort with clean air and pristine nature. There are twenty waterfalls, which are easily accessible, even with small children. The water is so clean that you can drink it straight from the stream. Located waterfalls close to each other, thereby forming a font, where you can cool off on a hot summer day.

Very close Polonyna Red - the most beautiful Valleys of Transcarpathia. And children and adults will take a lot of fun picking berries, mushrooms and nuts. Of the active entertainment:

  • horse riding.
  • Horse carts.
  • Walking UAZ.
  • A small picnic at the house of a forester.
  • Visiting the mineral springs.

4. Lviv region, Skole district, Slavske

Slavske Traditionally considered a winter resort. But in the summer there is no worse there, what to see and how to entertain himself. Of interest:

  • Meadows stunning beauty.
  • Rivers Slavskaya and drawing.
  • The tops of the Carpathian Mountains - Zvorets, Trostyan Menchu, High Top.
  • A large number of waterfalls in the area.
  • Opportunity to ride a mountain bike and quad.
  • Horseback riding (possible with children).
  • Well-developed Entertainment in large leisure complex.

5. Khmelnytsky region, Kamenetz-Podolsk district, BakotaZatoka

BakotaZatoka - a unique nature reserve with a distinct microclimate, which arises from the isolation of Bakota on all sides by white rocks. So near Bakota Zatoka is almost always warm and no wind.

In spite of the fact that here is a bit of entertainment, lovers of a relaxing family vacation will appreciate this place highly. From the sights - St. Michael Cave Monastery, which not only survived to the present day, but also a place of pilgrimage. Entertainment Bakota Zatoka:

  • Ice-boats and catamarans.
  • Jumping off the pier.
  • Swimming in the lake.
  • Fishing.
  • Photohunting.

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