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Ukraine: Svaliava Resort

One of the most famous and popular resorts of Ukraine is Svaliava.This is where a high concentration of sources of healing mineral water all Transcarpathia. But in addition to the mineral water resort Svaliava attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year thanks to the pure mountain air, amazing natural landscapes and high service.

Ukraine: Svaliava Resort

Climate and location of Svaliava resort

Resort is just seventy two kilometers from Uzhgorod. The city itself is located on a river Latoritsa, and on all sides it is surrounded by mountains and forests of Transcarpathia. Therefore, the climate in the resort mostly mild mountain, foothills, forest. At any time, the resort Svaliava remains attractive for tourism, recreation and health.

The mineral waters Svaliava resort

Svaliava - a spa resort. Mostly there is a fountain with sodium bicarbonate waters, which are also called alkaline. Apply such mineral waters to treat a wide range of diseases of the digestive system. Particularly useful alkaline water with increased acidity of the stomach, with frequent heartburn, feeling of heaviness after eating.

The beneficial mineral waters of Svaliava resort

Due to the unique composition of alkaline mineral water from sources that are located in the resort Svaliava, they are used to neutralize stomach contents, to stimulate the function gallbladder and the production of digestive enzymes.

  • Particularly useful are the water to improve the secretion of the pancreas in diseases such as diabetes or obesity.
  • Useful alkaline mineral water for the dissolution of gravel.
  • They positively influence on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve liver function.
  • Mineral metabolism in the body and is faster when using alkaline water.

Polyana mineral water

Kvasova""Glade Kvasova" - is the most popular hydrocarbonate mineral water, the source of which is located in the resort Svaliava. This water is rich in fluoride, boron, iron, and a number of other useful minerals for our body. Regular intake of this mineral water helps in the treatment of various diseases of the stomach, which are characterized by an increased level of acidity. It can be drunk at reflux esophagitis and its attendant changes, such as for example, pankreotostaz or pancreatitis, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity.

Luzhanska mineral water

water "Luzhanska" is mainly composed of hydrocarbons, and therein lies its main feature. Apart from hydrocarbons in a unique composition of this mineral water contains biologically active concentrations of trace elements such as calcium and orthoboric acid.

"Luzhanska" useful for gastritis (chronic), while maintaining the acid-forming function of the stomach, peptic ulcer, chronic colitis, accompanied by diarrhea or constipation, chronic pancreatitis , diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract other pathologies, diabetes and lowered immunity.

Luzhanska-7 Mineral Water

This mineral water is characterized in that it comprises a biologically active concentrations of iodine, boron, calcium, fluorine and lithium. For this reason, "Luzhanska-7" is considered to be an analogue of the world famous mineral water "Grand Grill", the French resort of Vichy. But "Luzhanska-7" has some advantages over the "Grand Grill", which consist of its constituent of some specific trace elements that considerably expand the indications for its use.

"Luzhanska-7" successfully treats diseases of the stomach and digestive system, accompanied by an increase in acidity, various metabolic disorders, acid-base balance of the body that accompany diabetes and obesity.

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