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Kyiv City Heart Center

Kyiv City Heart Center is one of the latest specialized medical care institutions, which is built and technically equipped with the healthcare of international standards. Heart Center was opened in 2007 in one of the most peaceful areas of Kiev in the park area with clean air and away from the noise of the city.

Kyiv City Heart Center

Specialties of the Kiev City Heart Center

The main feature of the medical institution is in full compliance with all international standards of building design center to the training of doctors . Director of the Centre is the Honoured Doctor of Ukraine, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences - Boris Todurov.

The staff of the Kiev City Heart Center presented by experts in the field of prevention of diseases and heart diseases, surgery, therapy, diagnosis, rehabilitation and anesthesiology.

All this has allowed the Centre comply with all international health standards and conduct in the walls of the treatment of congenital heart defects in newborns, to carry out coronary artery stenting, treatment of hypertension and angina, valve replacement, heart bypass surgery, and even heart transplantation.

Every year the Center hosts over 5,000 major heart surgery.

The infrastructure of the Kiev city heart center

All branchescenter is equipped with the latest medical equipment, which meets all international requirements. The Centre has the following offices:

  • Five clinical departments.
  • Department of consultation and diagnosis.
  • Department of Cardiac Surgery.
  • Department of treatment of coronary heart disease.
  • Cardiac Surgery treatment of acquired heart disease.
  • Cardiac Surgery treatment of pathologies infarction and transplantation of tissues and organs.
  • Cardiac Surgery treatment of congenital heart disease in infants age.
  • Department of endovascular surgery and angiography.
  • Department of Cardiac Surgery of cardiac rhythm disorders.
  • Intensive Care Unit for adults.
  • Branch internsivnoy therapy for infants and children.
  • Department of functional diagnostics.
  • CT Branch.
  • Department of nuclear medicine device using Infinia Hawkeye, which is a two-detector gamma camera with an arbitrary geometry and integrated CT for the study of systems and organs in the planar mode, in whole body scan, mode odnofotontnoy emission tomography and SPECT mode, with the help of CT.
  • clinical diagnostic laboratory.
  • 5 operating rooms.
  • 4 lab angiography

All patients Center accommodated in comfortable houses, which are equipped with TV, telephone and other things.

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