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​Spizhenko Cyber Clinic

Spizhenko Cyber Clinic is a specialized private medical center. Its main focus is the treatment of benign and malignant tumors using the modern methods of radiosurgery and CyberKnife device of the fourth generation.

Spizhenko Cyber Clinic

Medical Center was founded in 2009, just nearby Kiev, and now it is the only medical institution in Eastern Europe, which has been accredited by the World Association of Cyberknife Society. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the center is carried out according to international standards.

Diagnosis and treatment in Cyber Clinic Spizhenko

Today diagnostic equipment and methods that are used by specialists in clinic are the most advanced ones in the world, thus here one can diagnose cancer at an early stage. The diagnostic capabilities of the center include the following features:

  • 6-slice spiral CT scanner, which is equipped with a bolus injector, which allows t complete a full range of diagnostic studies of the whole body, including CT angiography, and full 3D-reconstruction.
  • MRI manufactured by Toshiba called 1,5T Vantage Atlas, which allows to carry out a full range of diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging diagnostics with a unique opportunity to obtain a diffusion-weighted image of the whole body (that is an rquivalent of PET, but it does not provide radiation exposure to the patient).

A wide range of diseases, including the most complexones, are treated in the center using surgery methods. Most patients suffering from the following diseases receive treatment in Cyber Clinic Spizhenko:

  • Anaplastic astrocytoma.
  • Pituitary adenoma.
  • Glioma. 
  • Hemangioblastoma. 
  •  Craniopharyngiomas. 
  •  Meningioma. 
  •  Melanoma of the retina. 
  •  Neurofibromas. 
  •  Chondroma. 
  •  Ependiomoma. 
  •  Cavernoma. 
  •  Vascular education. 
  •  Epilepsy. 
  •  Astrocytoma. 
  •  Neuromas. 
  •  Hemangioma. 
  •  Neurofibromatosis. 
  •  Various forms of cancer.

Specialties of Cyber Clinic Spizhenko

On the basis of the medical establishment has a modern telemedicine center, whose main task is the rapid exchange of information with patients and the best experts from around the world. Through the center, patients can:

  • Send all data about the disease and diagnosis and  get an answer to their question within 24-48 hours.
  • Get the advice of leading experts in the clinical mode on-line.
  • Send a preliminary application for the treatment or diagnostic tests.
  • After-treatment support advisory relationship with the institution.

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