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MTEC.Kiev: Why You Should Visit A Medical Tourism Exhibition

EuroMD interviewed "Premier Expo", an organizer of the exhibition and MTEC, medical tourism conference.

MTEC.Kiev: Why You Should Visit A Medical Tourism Exhibition

  • What kind of health care services are used by residents of Ukraine abroad?

Diagnostics, wellness, treatment and rehabilitation. Medical services can be provided to the Ukrainians, departing for this abroad and foreign citizens visiting Ukraine.

Ukrainian tour operators, developing medical tourism for the visitors of our country, during the exhibition will not only present their own services to foreign markets, but also will present Ukraine as a country that is open to multilateral communication and international cooperation.

According to statistics, every year more than 130,000 people in Ukraine are going to foreign countries for the diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation. Now actively developing medical tourism trend involves both general health services facilities and the help of highly specialized professionals of the particular profile.

  • Which countries are the most popular?

Ukrainians usually go to Israel, Turkey, Germany, USA, Thailand. In addition, ithere are new representatives. These, in particular, are clinics in India, Brazil and South Africa.

Last year the exhibition was attended by 50 companies from 12 countries: Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, India, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland.

Company "Premier Expo" as the organizer of really large-scale event in 2013 brought together the largest projects - the International Exhibition "Health Care" and International Travel Salon "Ukraine» - UITM. The organizers were the first to occupy the niche of an integrated combination of formats. Which benefits are received by participants and visitors?

As a result, the benefits were received by all who came to MTEC.Kiev - Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference. Kiev. On MTEC.Kiev all participants of medical and health tourism market have met each other. They all got new contacts, communications, business acquaintances, professionals were able to communicate and share experiences.

Innovative integration of formats allowed stakeholders to hold first congress of medical tourism.

  • For those who are just planning to enter the market of international medical tourism, tell us what the Congress is?

II International Congress Of Medical Tourism In CIS Countries is a global practical educational platform for industry professionals of medical treatment abroad. Experts and international medical tourism gurus will gather in Kiev to discuss the most important issues of medical tourism on an international scale, with an emphasis on the territory of the Russian-speaking countries.

  • What will be the format of the discussion? What awaits the guests and participants of the Second International Congress of Medical Tourism?

Assessing the results of the Congress in the past year as a success, we decided to conduct current one in the same format. This time the event will consist of two parts - the Plenary and Specializations. The plenary session will be held on October 1. It will focus on the features of the medical tourism promotion as a product on the Russian market.

Participating countries will present trends and reveal features of work in every sector of health care services to the Russian-speaking patients. Promotion of medical tourism direction is stated as a separate topic of discussion.

  • Which of the partners supports Congress this time?

Turkish Association of Medical Tourism TNTS, Ukrainian Association of medical tourism UAMT, China International Association of Medical Tourism CIHMTA, PI "Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of Health of Ukraine" .

  • Who will take part in the Congress?

Medical tourism operators, travel agents and companies working in the direction of the medical and health tourism, consulting companies, medical specialists of all disciplines, representatives of the medical centers and clinics, health centers and rehabilitation centers.

  • Which training programs have been prepared for participants?

One of the most exclusive events is a Medical Tourism School. International consultant and trainer Maria Todd will hold a special seminar for the participants, during which she’ll talk about the technology of the medical tourism organization.

Specialists, medical tourism operators, individuals - all who are involved in the organization of treatment abroad will be able to discuss the mechanisms of an efficient system operation.

Also, participants will learn how to make the communication with representatives of the Russian-speaking countries with foreign colleagues more effective and how to productively build relationships "clinic - medical tourism operator - patient."

Also has been developed a program of VIP Hosted Buyer - a series of B2B meetings with industry professionals. More than 150 delegates and operators of medical tourism from more than 15 Russian-speaking countries will take part in it.

Testimonials Of MTEC.Kiev - 2013 Participants: 

Christina Danilchuk, manager of regional development in Reikartz Hospitality Group: - Reikartz Hospitality Group has health resorts Vita Park in Transcarpathia ("Izky") and Cherkassy region ("Akvadar"), a complex "Polyana". On the MTEC.Kiev 2013 exhibition the group has first presented the radon spa resort "Akvadar", one of the few on the territory of Ukraine. Our expectations have been met - visitors plenty of doctors who are willing to send their patients to us for recreation and rehabilitation. We have added more than 200 contacts to the database. Thank you!

"I did not expect to meet at the show so many potential partners for the company. There was the line of the visitors at the booth all the time, "- says Dorin Kondrea, Sales Manager at Terme di Sirmione (Italy)

Natalie Blanc,business development manager at clinique Generale Beaulieu (Switzerland) - I am happy, people who we expected were coming to us: medicinal agents, representatives of medical centers, medical tourism operators. The exhibition had representatives of the Ukrainian and CIS countries medical tourism market.

Violetta Yanyshevskaya, president of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism: - Ukrainian doctors today are often left alone with the problems of their patients without being able to provide them with the necessary treatment. And here is when the UAMT comes for the rescue - we advise and recommend a list of foreign clinics, where this problem can be successfully solved. Ukraine is at the beginning of the medical tourism development. Interest in medical tourism is very large, and one of the evidence for this were the mountains of business cards from visitors wishing to join UAMT.

International Congress Of Medical Tourism In CIS Countries will be held simultaneously with the International exhibition "Health" and the International Travel Salon "Ukraine 2014".

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