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​The Development of the Medical Tourism in the Former Soviet Countries

Want to know the cost of treatment? Or destinations? Want to know a little history? Read on.

The Development of the Medical Tourism in the Former Soviet Countries

Pilgrims for Health

Medical tourism is not a new phenomenon. People traveled from the immemorial times to obtain medical services of all kinds. Places were known that cured those or other diseases, it could be known healers or natural health sources.

Archaeological studies show that in the third millennium BC, the ancient Mesopotamians pilgrimage to Tel-Brak in Syria to the temple of the healer god to treat the eye diseases.

After several thousands of years the ancient Greeks and Romans were traveling on foot or by ship around the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to visit primitive spa centers. So-called Ascleps temples, which were built in honor of the god of Greek medicine, represented the first medical centers in the world, that have been visited by many pilgrims. They hoped that Asclepius will appear in a dream, diagnose and prescribe treatment.

During the last decade, medical tourism is developing at a rapid pace and is formed as a separate business industry with the appropriate organizational form and structure.

Three Factors of Modern Medical Tourism

Development of modern medical tourism has risen due to three main factors: 

  • quality of care;
  • availability;
  • price. 

To be more precise, in the world there is a growing imbalance of these factors that gives rise to demand for each of them. The main reason is globalization (a simplified and rapid movement in the world today.)

In the future, we should expect even greater growth of medical tourism and the formation of global health as a serious factor. Post-Soviet area, of course, will be no exception in these processes.

How Many are Willing and Where are They Going?

Today it is difficult to talk about specific number of people that go abroad for treatment. Although the demand for treatment abroad and growing number of people willing to go there is rather high. This is evidenced by at least the fact that the consulate has a separate application for seeking treatment and among basic flight passengers are constantly present several patients.

Speaking of which countries people prefer in the former Soviet Union for the treatment, the main directions for those who want to be treated abroad at the moment are: Turkey, Germany and Israel.

Though, in this respect, the market is fairly dynamic and other countries may soon become more competitive.

How Available is Treatment Abroad?

Cost of treatment abroad varies. The essence of medical tourism is to offer the patient abroad better, cheaper or faster care than the local. So, it depends on what is a priority for the individual patient.

Since medical tourism is still a new field, it should be noted that treatment abroad is not a luxury and something unavailable.

Treatment abroad is a multi-service, which includes not only foreign doctors directly, but also takes into account the specifics of the various countries, some clinics, the financial side, the current situation, the problem of language / translation, the priority of foreign patients and some other issues.

This information is owned by professionals who are constantly monitoring the scope of medical tourism. After consulting with them, patients will be able to obtain the necessary tips to help you in choosing the right medical treatment abroad, its planning and implementation. 

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