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​Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

Stem cell therapy techniques can save many lives. But the outlook for this species treatment, experts say, even bigger. Stem cells using stem cell therapy in our country is currently allowed to treat all three diseases. The first of these include pancreatic necrosis.

Stem Cell Treatment in Ukraine

What Is the Status of Danger

Pancreatic necrosis occurs throughout necrosis of the pancreas, which is digested for various reasons, their own enzymes. Such patients must be treated exclusively in intensive care, surgery performed - when it makes sense. Mortality provided even the most modern techniques of cure these patients goes up to sixty percent or more. Those who have survived a life lived without this very important body, trying to make it function with medication. Meanwhile, the introduction of stem cells might be partial regeneration of the body and even partially restored its function.

Chronic Limb Ischemia

Attempt to treat stem cells can also be chronic limb ischemia. It is about constant oxygen starvation feet or hands because of the defeat of the vessels that supply the names of body parts blood. Such observed in systemic connective tissue disorders, atherosclerosis. Stem cells in this case can significantly improve blood circulation in the limbs - thus saving the patient from fatal consequences.

Treating Burns

With the defeat burn tens of percent body surface patient risks simply not surviving. Save the patient can only skin grafts. But in the case of insufficient compatibility skin torn away. Fortunately, the stem cells can help to increase own skin.

Potential of Stem Cell Therapy

There is no doubt that the disease called - not only at which demonstrates its effectiveness stem cell therapy. Ten years ago, the Korean doctors have demonstrated tremendous effect called methods to cure the effects of stroke, paralysis accompanied by deep - thanks to a paralyzed woman to her feet. These same studies, but only in mice conducted in Ukrainet, in particular by Dr. Oleg Tsupik.

In theory, using these cells have a chance to recover almost any organ. Theoretically can even try to achieve personal immortality. But this is a very distant prospect.

In order to maximize the use of technology called, it makes sense to do the widespread introduction of yet another technique. Needed cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood of a newborn baby. The fact that stem cells, which is contained in large quantities of ideally suited organism - as they are his own cells. It can be assumed that immunity will not reject them, besides no need to perform expensive analysis on the properties of the immune compatibility.

However, the fact that Ukraine is allowed to use stem cells - this is a huge breakthrough. In case of further improvement of this method will be a breakthrough in today's medicine, the present revolution. 

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