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​Dentistry in Lithuania

According to the latest research of the Swedish Institute, the level of health care in Lithuania is one of the best in Europe. With a combination of price and quality it makes this country attractive for medical tourism not only for Europeans, but also for Asians.

Dentistry in Lithuania

The most powerful and, as a consequence, the mostly demanded in the post-Soviet countries were Lithuanian sections of medicine, which include cardiology, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, nephrology, endocrinology, allergology and dentistry. The high level of training of doctors training, availability of modern high-tech equipment, comfortable and friendly medical staff helps to achieve excellent results in the treatment of almost any disease. And the prices for all medical procedures in Lithuania  are several times lower than for similar services in any other country of the European Union .

Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation centers, health resorts and spa resorts of Lithuania , including the legendary Druskininkai are especially popular with tourists from all over the world. Here everyone will be able to combine a lovely stay and a wide range of health and recovery procedures. The most popular health services among tourists in Lithuania are dental services. Many tourists combine rest and treatment, as in dental clinics of Lithuania prices for services are much lower than in other European countries and, at the same time, the quality of any dental procedure meets the highest European standards.

Virtually all private dental clinics in Lithuania are supplied with the most modern dental equipment and materials used as dental composites, made in the USA, Japan, Germany. The same materials are used in dental clinics in the more developed European countries, so this fact once again confirms the high level of dental services in Lithuania.

Dentistry Aspects

One of the most famous dental clinics among medical tourists in Lithuania is St. Christopher hospital, which is located in the heart of Vilnius. Here you will be offered a full range of dental services for adults and children, including professional oral hygiene, all kind of denture and designs of prostheses, oral surgery, periodontal treatment, dental implants, orthodontic treatment, advanced teeth whitening with a laser, aesthetic filling and much more.

Advantage of St. Christopher Dental Clinic is that all the work is built on team principle. Thanks to cohesive team formed more than fifteen years ago, all the patient's problems are solved in one clinic with complex approach. Each patient receives a rational, comprehensive, highly effective and science-based dental treatment. And in order to achieve long-lasting results the patient is given an individual plan of treatment with the schedule, as well as full information about the methods of oral hygiene.

An important role in achieving a positive outcome in the course of treatment is the temperature and humidity levels in the room. In order to maintain an optimal balance of temperature and humidity, all rooms in St. Christoper are equipped with modern ventilation systems with heat recovery and air conditioning. Hotel booking, visa issuing and pick-up from airport is available per patient's request. .

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