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​Plastic Surgery in Lithuania

Today, it is difficult to surprise anyone with plastic surgery, but, according to the latest statistics, nearly one person out of ten now or then uses the services of plastic surgeons. Cosmetic and plastic surgery not only helps to significantly improve the appearance, but also to eliminate pathological deformation of tissues and organs, to rehabilitate their functional features.

Plastic Surgery in Lithuania


Plastic surgery in Lithuania is on one of the first places among the other European countries. Microsurgery techniques in Lithuania were used back in the early eighties. Their introduction marked the incipience of the Lithuanian plastic and aesthetic surgery, which is becoming more sophisticated and qualitative every year.

At the moment, all the most advanced modern techniques in the field of plastic surgery are very quickly mastered by Lithuanian doctors. Every year in Lithuania more than five thousands of plastic surgery operations are performed. Among them more than two thousands are made in Vilnius only, indicating that the vast experience of practicing plastic surgeons in the country. And this fact attracts a lot of foreigners who want to take advantage of the Lithuanian plastic surgeons. Russians, Americans, Scandinavians, the Israelis, the British, and many others prefer an inexpensive but high-quality plastic and cosmetic surgery in Lithuania.

Spring: the time to travel

More than sixty percent of all patients of Lithuanian plastic clinics are medical tourists from other countries. According to plastic surgeons themselves, the largest influx of patients is observed in March and April, many tourists try to combine plastic and cosmetic procedures with spa treatment in the best sanatoriums of the country.

Lithuanian clinic: price vs quality

As a rule, medical tourists who turn to cosmetic surgery clinics in Lithuania are attracted by low prices. For example, rhinoplasty here costs three times cheaper than a similar service in the medical centers in the UK or Scandinavia. Many foreign patients become regular clients of Plastic Surgeons and try to make several plastic and cosmetic procedures during one visit, as it allows them to save money.

The most popular aesthetic procedures

The most popular aesthetic operations include: liposuction - 20% (removal of fat from various parts of the body), breast augmentation - about 16%, rhinoplasty (nose correction) and blepharoplasty (eyelids correction) - about 12%. Also, invasive rejuvenation techniques, such as mesotherapy, injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid do not lose their popularity.

Due to the increasing popularity of plastic surgery among Lithuanian foreigners, many medical centers have opened representative agencies in different countries of the European Union and former Soviet Union. Visiting a clinic in the city, everyone can get expert advice and, if desired, set a date for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Lithuania. Often, these clinics offer assistance in getting a visa, hotel booking and other organizational matters.

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