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Nature has created a unique phenomenon - Neman bend, and people took advantage of this, and founded Birshtonas. One of the most famous resorts of Lithuania settled in the south central part of Lithuania, in the place where the Neman meanders beautiful bends. The resort is popular with presence of shaped the landscape, invigorating body climate, unique sources of mineral water (mineral water analogue of Yessentuki) and unique therapeutic mud.


Birshtonas Origins

Start of the Birshtonas resort associated with 1846. Doctor of Staklih resort Benediktas Balinskis, intrigued sources of Birštonas sent here patient who Stakliškės medicinal springs did not help. In Birštonas patient recovered. After lengthy investigations and bureaucratic procedures at the end of 1854 the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia signed a resolution on the establishment of Birštonas resort. In the following year was built the first hospital in the decade of the XIX century Birštonas spa resort, was already well known throughout the Russian empire.

Located in a loop of the Nemunas Birshtonas can be considered "the city on the water." Encircling both sides river town beckons fishermen and rowers. Nice swim in the three artificial urban lakes. At the local plant in the bottle bottled extracted from deep wells mineral water "Vytautas", "Birute", "BMV".

Birshtonas Resort is 94 km from Vilnius and 39 km from Kaunas. Convenient bus service: direct flights to Kaunas and Vilnius.

Birshtonas - spa resort, located in the southern part of Lithuania, 90 km from Vilnius and 40 km from Kaunas. Birshtonas is famous for its healing mineral waters -13 wells! There is itstherapeutic peat mud, and of course the beautiful nature in majestic Neman. Treatment and SPA in Birštonas differ with excellent service and quality at a moderate cost of services.

Birshtonas Treatments 

Birštonas spas in sanatoria for spa procedures uses brominated water of medium mineralization. In such water muscles relax, increases the tone of the veins, open pores of the skin, increased blood flow and metabolism, breathing becomes deeper, improves oxygen uptake. Mineral water is the most positive effect on the immune system, relieves pain and inflammation.

Prescribed procedures use mineral water for the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, joints and spine, chronic diseases of internal organs, skin diseases, neuroses, chronic fatigue syndrome.

The city has two beautiful sanatoriums, which have indoor pools, underwater massage is performed, offered mud baths, mineral water baths and many other services. On hiking and cycling holidaymakers invites multiple tracks, winding along the river and the surrounding city forests. In winter these trails pave piste lovers of winter sports.

Sanatorium "Tulpės"

Sanatorium 'Tulpės' is located directly in the park near the river Nemunas. This is the first resort in the resort Birshtonas where simultaneously with the usual traditional sanatorium treatment with mineral water and mud began to apply the procedures and beauty therapy. The resort works year-round, at any time of the year here are open to all those wishing to relax, heal, rejuvenate.

Sanatorium has many awards. In 2005, the sanatorium at competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year 'was awarded a gold medal for the health-medical complex, which is based on the use of mineral water "Vaydilute." Deservedly was rated a unique range of services for expectant mothers stay 'in the expectation of a new life.'

Main treatment and rehabilitation profile is sanatorium treatment:

  • treatment of musculoskeletal,
  • gynecological diseases,
  • diseases of the digestive tract
  • cancers,
  • emotional and physical fatigue, exhaustion.

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