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​Teknon Medical Center

Teknon Medical Center, which is located in Barcelona, is considered the best private medical institutions in Spain, which is widely known outside of the country and enjoys great popularity among the EU countries. It should be noted that Teknon Medical Center is accredited by JCI.

Teknon Medical Center

Departments of Teknon Medical Center

In addition to traditional branches, counseling center, day hospital and various laboratories, the center consists of 20 branches, which differ a narrow focus in its activities. These offices are equipped with all the necessary medical equipment for the treatment of the most complex diseases, and work in them, only highly qualified specialists of international level. These offices are the following:

  • Department of surgical treatment of obesity.
  • Center for Parkinson's disease and abnormal movements.
  • Department of stereotactic radiosurgery.
  • Clinic reducing pain and others.

Specialties of Teknon Medical Center

Today Teknon is a multidisciplinary clinic, which employs more than three hundred physicians and 1,700 specialists support services and health personnel. In the center presents all kinds of routine and emergency medical care to both adults and children. All branches of the clinic, without exception, are equipped with the most modern medical and diagnostic equipment, is regularly applied in practice the latest developments of medicine.

The main feature of the center is a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of each patient in conjunction with the individual care of each patient.

Diagnostics at Teknon Medical Center

The most popular type of diagnosis among medical tourists from the European Union and the United States enjoys the early diagnosis, which is the most represented in the Institute of Oncology Medical Center. Equipment and qualified professionals who work here, is fully consistent with international standards. The Institute works closely with the Cancer Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, which is located in America. Therefore, all the latest developments in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, which are used in the United States, have been used successfully in Teknon center.

The program for visitors from all countries of the world

The program for visitors from all over the world includes special services, which includes not only the provision of medical services at the highest international level, but also provides every foreign medical tourists individual assistant that will make stay at the clinic as comfortable as possible. Individual assistance can arrange sightseeing tours, car rentals provide babysitting, translator and more.

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