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Marquez Institute

Marquez Institute, located in the city of Barcelona, is one of the largest, world-renowned centers of reproductive technology, gynecology and obstetrics. This medical institution has existed for over 85 years, and thousands of patients from Spain and abroad come here to treat male and female infertility every year. It should be noted that the procedure of IVF with sperm donation /ova, made at Marquez institute (this is one of the key factors in the treatment of infertility), is known around the world for the highest rates of successful beginning and carrying a pregnancy.

Marquez Institute

Treatment at Marquez Institute

The Treatment at this medical facility is available both for locals and foreign medical tourists. At the same time, citizens of other countries get health care under the International Program, which is completely based on the loyal Spanish legislation in the field of reproductive technology, which allows the anonymous donation of sperm and egg cells and does not claim limits for the number of oocytes for insemination.

Specialties of Marquez Institute

The main asset of this health institution is a great staff of a European level in the fileld of reproduction and andrology. All branches of the institute are equipped with modern facilities. The institute also has IVF laboratory. For the treatment of infertility and various diseases of the reproductive system here are used:

  • Modern eco-technology.
  • Auxiliary hatching.
  • Embryoscopy.
  • Preimplantation surgery diagnosis.
  • Microsurgical removal embryo fragments.
  • ICSI method.
  • A careful analysis of the oocyte chromosome.
  • Freezing and storage of biological materials: eggs and sperm.
  • Application of the latest technologies and techniques in the treatment of chronic deffects of pregnancy.
  • Psychological support for patients.
  • Treatment of male infertility.

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