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Medical tourism in Hungary

Due to its proximity, good transport connection, the presence of balneological and thermal spas, Hungary for many years is a favorite vacation spot of citizens of the CIS camp. For European tourists as this country has always been considered the perfect place to combine leisure and quality of dental treatment, including complicated procedures such as implants. After Hungary became part of the European Union, it has acquired the status of "dental capital of Europe." Today Hungarian dentists are among the best in Europe, with prices for their services remain the lowest.

Medical Tourism Destinations in Hungary

  • Dentistry. Most of the dental clinics in the country practicing fast, but high-quality service to foreign tourists.
  • Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgeons are considered one of Hungary the best in Europe, and the prices for plastic surgery is much lower than in other countries.
  • ophthalmic surgery. For the surgical correction of the country's clinics have everything they need from qualified doctors to high-tech equipment.

The benefits of medical tourism in Hungary: highly qualified physicians, the availability of modern equipment, opportunity to combine rest and the medical procedure, the lowest prices in Europe, favorable climatic conditions, a good European service.

Advantageously for treatment in Hungary tourists come from EU countries and the CIS.

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