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The ​Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital was founded in 1977 by the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Today it is one of the most prestigious multi-disciplinary health care institutions in Europe, which is located in the heart of the medical district of London on the Harley Street.

The Princess Grace Hospital

Treatment at The Princess Grace Hospital

The main specialization of The Princess Grace Hospital is a complex diagnosis and treatment of the pathologies of the pancreas, liver and bile ducts. The main method of treatment of these diseases is surgical one. In addition to traditional one, robotic surgery is also widely used in the clinic.This medical facility has eight modern operating rooms equipped with all necessary equipment.

In addition to surgery, The Princess Grace Hospital conducts the following treatments:

  • Application palliative procedures that slows down the development of the diseases.
  • The use of the PBA, radiofrequency ablation that is the effective technique destroying cancer cells.
  • TACE (transarterial chemoembolization), the methods of chemotherapy for the patients awaiting for the kidney transplant.
  • Adjunctive therapy, the chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which is carried out after the surgical removal of a malignant tumor.

It should be noted that liver transplantation is not carried out in the clinic and for this procedure the patients are sent to the clinic London Bridge, which is one of the main partners of The Princess Grace Hospital.

On the basis of The Princess Grace Hospital there was opened the London Institute of Breast Cancer, which is known all around the world for its results in the treatment of breast cancer. It employs leading oncologists and mammologists in Europe that specialize in early detection and treatment of breast cancer. The Institute of breast cancer provides consultations, diagnosis and treatment in the following areas:

  • Mammalogy.
  • Diseases of bones.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Endocrinology.
  • Gastroenterology.
  • Obesity.
  • Neurology.

Diagnostics at The Princess Grace Hospital

Highly qualified and experienced doctors from around the world who possess skills to work with the most modern diagnostic equipment work in the hospital. Each year, the clinic is visited by thousands of patients from all over the world who are diagnosed and treated using medical diagnostic framework that is consistent with international standards.

In the Diagnostic Center of The Princess Grace is the most modern diagnostic equipment - Magnetic resonance imaging, modern ultrasensitive ultrasound, the best X-ray machines, and others. All of it is combined with the professionalism and experience of doctors. The clinic helps to conduct a full diagnostic evaluation of patients and to identify any existing disease at an early stage of development within the shortest possible time, which, in turn, is one half of the successful treatment. In addition to diagnostics, the equipment and laboratory of the Diagnostic Center make it possible to forecast the risk of cancer development that allows to take preventive measures to avoid it.

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