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Femina Center for Safe Motherhood

The Center for Safe Motherhood called Femina is the most famous Bulgarian medical attraction that specializes in the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy at all gestational ages without exception just from the first days after conception to prenatal preparation. In addition to direct assistance suring birthgiving, the center assisted in the planning of pregnancy, starting from the moment when the couple decides to conceive a child, including all analyzes, psychological preparation and others.

Femina Center for Safe Motherhood

Departments of Femina maternity Health Centre

Center is divided into two main branches: gynecology and obstetrics ones.

In the gynecology department one can:

  • Complete a full package of gynecological examinations.
  • Make sonohysterography.
  • Undergo examinations using pelvic ultrasound, including vagina onel.
  • MBI.
  • ODM and much more.

In the obstetric department provides the following medical services:

  • Diagnosis of pregnancy at the earliest stages.
  • Passage of fetal morphology, which allows to examine the functioning and structure of all organs and systems of the fetus long before its birth and at the stage of pre-natal formation most accurately.
  • Ultrasound analysis.
  • Implementation of fetal biometry with he help ofDoppler.
  • Fetal echocardiography.

Features of Femina Health Centre

The uniqueness of this medical institution lies in the fact that the most advanced and modern medical equipment for the diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy can be found here. In addition, the center has international doctors who have undergone the practice in the best clinics in Europe, and not only have an excellent medical education, but are also valued for the extensive practical experience.

The center of Safe Motherhood called Femina attracts foreign medical tourists who come from EU countries and the CIS with high-quality medical services, highly qualified medical staff with extensive practical experience, care and attention of middle and junior medical staff, comfortable accommodation and low prices for medical services.

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