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Medical tourism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a special place in the post-Soviet space as it never was "foreign" to the inhabitants of the CIS countries. This is not surprising, friendly attitude of the Bulgarians, the lack of a language barrier, good infrastructure and reasonable prices make this country attractive for medical tourism. In addition to the above listed, Bulgaria is rich in natural mineral springs, climatic, balneological and mud resort.

Popular destinations of medical tourism in Bulgaria

  1. Dentistry. The level of dental services in Bulgaria is not inferior to the level of well-developed European countries, while prices are lower by several times.
  2. Program check -up. annually undergo a complete diagnosis and to detect any disease at an early stage in Bulgaria come tens of thousands of tourists from the former Soviet republics and Europe.
  3. The planned surgery. Surgery in Bulgaria for many years one of the leading branches of medicine, so hold elective surgery and undergo rehabilitation are trying many tourists from the CIS and the EU.

The benefits of medical tourism in Bulgaria: a large number of specialized and diversified medical institutions, the European level of medical services, low cost for medical services, the availability of natural and climatic conditions for rest, recovery and rehabilitation.

Bulgaria is a favorite place for medical tourists from the EU countries and the CIS.

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