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6 Reasons To Spend A Holiday In Romania

Romania is a wonderful country that combines natural beauty, healing factors, historical values, high level of service and a host of other features to make your stay here become not only good for health, but also unforgettable.

6 Reasons To Spend A Holiday In Romania

6 reasons to relax in Romania:

The reason №1: Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains, which are located in Romania, have a huge number of mountain roads, bicycle routes and hiking trails. It should be noted that almost all of them are officially registered, which means that it is impossible to get lost, as every road or trail has a few pointers along the way can be found tourist centers, hotels, cafes and other benefits of civilization. By the way, only the mountain hiking trails are registered more than 800.

However, apart from the traditional tourist routes, experienced travelers may pave the way for yourself, visit the small Romanian village with their unforgettable flavor, to communicate with the local people, buy souvenirs and taste the famous Romanian smoked cheese.

Cause №2: Spa resorts

on the Romanian territory is 160 spa resorts, the fourth part of which had been known for several centuries ago. In addition to the useful properties of mineral water spas in Romania - it is also a unique combination of fresh mountain air, a unique microclimate, sapropelic mud and salt lakes.

The most famous resorts of

  • Romania, "Slănic-Moldova",located in the Eastern Carpathians. There are several sources of mineral waters, which are not inferior in its properties to the waters in Baden-Baden, and Karlovy Vary. The resort is good for people with respiratory diseases.
  • "Baile Herculane" - the resort is known for more than two centuries, the waters are useful for the treatment of heart and vascular diseases, rheumatism and metabolic disorders.

Reason №3: Ancient castles and fortresses

Highlands Romania has a long history. Ever since the Middle Ages there remained a large number of castles and fortresses. The most famous city for tourists and lovers of winter outdoor activities, is the city of Brasov, which is located in the vicinity are many fortresses and castles.

The most famous: Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, Castle Sighisoara, the castle Poienari fortress Feregesh.

Reason №4: Lakes and rivers

Cruise routes in Romania on the second longest river in Europe, the Danube - is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Clear, blue water of the Danube, the unique views of the coast, several castles and caves, stopping in several ports - that's what fans can see a cruise vacation.

Besides the Danube in Romania there are many freshwater and saline lakes, which also can be health benefits to leave.

The reason №5: Black Sea

Black Sea climate does not lose its softness and in Romania. There are no sweltering heat, the coast is not as crowded as the other seaside resorts, plenty of beaches and affordable accommodation with full European service, make a vacation on the coast of the most attractive for families with small children. But here, too, young companies have something to do - modern hotels, SPA-salons, good development of the entertainment industry.

Reason №6: Caves and grottos

only officially registered in the country more than 12 thousand caves that tourists are allowed to visit and carry out various studies. One of the most attractive for tourists is the cave, named Bear. The longest cave, which is a three-level, with a total length of about 43 kilometers - Cave of the Winds. A unique underground river, you can see if you visit the cave Meziad.

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