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Thermae 3000 ​Health Resort

Health resort Thermae 3000 is located in the valley extraordinary in its beauty, where many thousands of years ago, there was Pannonian Sea. Sea dried up more than six thousand years ago, leaving rich in unique natural resources land in its place. Today, there can be found oil, gas, coal, salt and unique in its chemical composition black healing thermal mineral water.

Thermae 3000 Health Resort

Climate and medical factors of Terme 3000

To date, the resort Terme 3000 is an amazing place in Slovenia, where various diseases of the skin and respiratory system are treated successfully. The main natural healing factors of the resort are:

  1. Unique black thermal mineral water, which is rich in a wide range of trace elements and has a beneficial effect on the treatment of various diseases.
  2. The second natural healing factor is peloids or healing mud, which is used for health and anti-aging treatments. Peloids have a unique feature to remove pain and help alleviate the disease and acheive rapid rehabilitation.
  3. The third medical factor is a mild climate of the resort, which is equally useful in both summer and winter, especially for people who suffer from respiratory diseases. Evaporation of salts and trace elements in the ground, the air is saturated with nutrients that help restore health.

Infrastructure of Terme 3000

Due to well-developed infrastructure of the resort, one can successfully combine effective treatment and rehabilitation with wholesome recreational activities for the whole family. Terme 3000 was more designed for family vacation, so here you can find everything necessary for children to not get bored, while both parents are underoing wellness programs. In addition to a large number of comfortable hotels, cafes and bars, a spa, relaxation rooms, swimming pools and etc, the resort is known throughout Europe for a unique water park "Terme 3000".

Water park consists of a complex of swimming pools of open and closed types, different slides and water attractions. But the main attraction of "Terme 3000" water park is the fact that some of the pools are filled with black thermal water, so that there you can successfully combine rest and recovery. In addition, the water park is famous for its worlds first tower called "Akvalup" a roll over of the three hundred and sixty degrees. A man who dares to take advantage of this attraction, speeds up to eighty miles per hour in seven seconds. Fans of extreme entertainment will appreciate this amusement. Hot tubs, water slides, rapid river, geysers, aero-massage bath, diving board and waterfalls - all this makes it possible to carry out excellent leisure and simultaneously reduce stress and raise vitality.

Treatment at Terme 3000 spa 

The resort has a strong medical center, which includes modern equipment, natural healing factors, highly qualified medical staff, and excellent service. But the only drawback of the treatment at the spa Terme 3000 is the fact that the medical staff does not speak Russian, so no knowledge of English would be difficult to communicate.

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