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Terme Catez: Popular Slovenian Resort

In the south-eastern part of Slovenia, on the right side of the Sava River there nestled a popular spa resort Terme Catez. The town is surrounded by picturesque forests and vineyards, and is protected from cold north winds by Bizelskie hills. Due to the fact that the resort is located on a large hill, about 145 meters above sea level, the air is enriched with oxygen and has beneficial effects on health. In addition to natural beauty and medical properties, transport connection in Terme Catez is convenient. Just in half an hour you can reach the capital of Slovenia. And since the resort is adjacent to the Croatian border, Zagreb is also easy to reach.

Terme Catez: Popular Slovenian Resort

Climate and natural healing

Mineral springs  brought fame to this resort. Even the name Terme Catez represents a mythical creature - half-man-half tur, hooves of which gave new mineral springs rise. Despite the fact that the myth is fabulous, even today this character is used in the design of many hotels, even the Thermal Riviera.

For the treatment and rest in Slovenia, Terme Catez is one of the most popular places. Favorable mild climate with moderately hot summers and mild winters with no severe frosts and winds promotes the development of leisure tourism. Thus, today Terme Catezhas guests all year round, offering everything one needs for effective treatment and comfortable stay.


A well-developed infrastructure of the resort is another factor that attracts tourists from all over Europe. These days the city itself is a large medical complex, equipped with everything necessary to treat a wide range of diseases and for full relaxation.

Today the guests can benefit from:

  • Several luxury hotels.
  • Curative centers.
  • Pools.
  • Indian village.
  • Thermal Riviera with several indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Children's and adult rides and much more.

Spa Treatment

The main feature of spa treatment at the resort of Terme Catez is the use of mineral waters from the sources believed to be the warmest ones in Slovenia in wellness programs. Due to the fact that mineral water is very warm, it can be successfully used for the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. The water has unique properties. It can relieve pain, stop the degenerative processes that contributes to the rapid rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

Separately, it should be noted that here, at the resort of Terme Catez, one can undergo rehabilitation after cancer treatment. The treatment center is supplied with special medical equipment for oncological patients' rehabilitation. it has developed several effective programs for the treatment of malignant pathologies.

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