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​Health resort Šmarješke Toplice

Šmarješke Toplice is the most popular resort in Slovenia, which is only eighty-two kilometers away from the capital. Despite the seclusion of the resort and its location at an altitude of more than 160 meters, tens of thousands of tourists rest here every year. Everyone who visited Šmarješke Toplice once will want to return to this fantastic place again and again.

Health resort Šmarješke Toplice

Climate and medical factors of Šmarješke Toplice

Due to the fact that the resort is located on a large hill, the air is very clear and rich in ogygen here. It is one of the main medical factors positively affecting the status of all systems of the body. Soft piedmont climate makes the rest at Šmarješke Toplice comfortable all year round.

One of the important natural healing factors of resort is the presence of thermal springs with mineral water, which are located in close proximity to the city. Thermal springs are located around several ponds. Gurgling water that makes the rest serene and unforgettable.

Infrastructure of Šmarješke Toplice

Šmarješke Toplice is a modern European resort with a highly developed infrastructure. There are all conditions for a comfortable and relaxing holiday, as well as for effective treatment, rehabilitation after injuries, surgery and recovery as a whole. The treatment complex equipment is provided for most sports, including golf courses, tennis courts, bike rental, jogging track, swimming pools and much more. And in their free time after health treatments, guests can go on excursions to enjoy the natural wealth and cultural attractions of Slovenia.

Treatment at the spa Šmarješke Toplice

Šmarješke Toplice is one of the most modern and equipped with the latest equipments resorts in Slovenia. Curative centers at the resort are equipped with the most modern medical equipment that is specifically designed to treat a wide range of diseases of the joints, spine and muscles.

The combination of effective treatment and rehabilitation programs with the use of spa procedures allows you to quickly achieve positive dynamics in the treatment of a huge number of diseases. Every year thousands of patients with degenerative disorders of joints and muscle tissue improve their health at Šmarješke Toplice resort.

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