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Croatia: Lipik Resort

Lipik resort is located in Slavonia. It is rightly called "the Pannonian Opatija". The history of  Lipik thermal spa began in II. BC, as recorded by the inscriptions preserved from Roman era. In the XVIII century Lipik, as well as Daruvarske Toplice, was granted by Empress Maria Theresa to Jankovic dinasty.

Croatia: Lipik Resort

Lipik is a popular spa resort of the Republic of Croatia. It is ocated 8 km south- western to Pakrac, in the picturesque valley of Pakri among the spurs of the mountain massif Psunj, at an altitude of 150 m above sea level.


The climate here is continental, ensirung hot summers and moderately cold winters. The average annual temperature is 10,1° here. The summer heat is tempered by the abundance of greenery and proximity to water.

Thermal waters

The resort has several thermal sources of hydro-chloride of low salinity of sodium type with a low content of carbon dioxide. Some water sources contain iodine (13 mg/l).

Medical institutions are located in a luxurious park and green area of the resort. To Zagreb (100 km) and other cities of the country, you may get to the resort with busy rail and road links.

Hospital rehabilitation

Special hospital for medical rehabilitation Lipik is one of the oldest business entities in Lipik thanks to centuries-old tradition of natural healing factors of Lipik area, as well as excellent specialists who know to combine the natural resources and the latest medical advances, making patients benefit from the treatment.

In a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, Lipik provides the treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, incontinence, multiplex sclerosis and even some rheumatic and orthopedic diseases.

Sources used for outdoor applications, mainly in the form of baths, and to the treatment of drinking water.

Lipik mineral waters are similar to prielbrusski narzans and some Nalchik resort sources. They are similar to Borjomi and Essentuki waters, being less mineralized and having a lower content of carbon dioxide.

In Lipik, along with balneotherapy, physical therapy, physiotherapy, massage, health path and diet are widely used. The resort has a well-appointed bath building with electrotherapy department ; many recreational spots, hotels and villas.

Indications for the treatment:

  • arteriosclerosis,
  • peripheral nervous system diseases,
  • arthritis,
  • catarrh of the stomach and intestines.

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