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​Benefits of Medical Tourism in Croatia

More and more medical tourists choose Croatia as the country for their recovery. Its resorts have long been included in the list of the best ones in the world, not only as the ideal locations for a beach holiday, but also as a proven place to treat serious diseases.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in Croatia

What attracts tourists to Croatia?

A first advantage can be estimated at the airport . Flight to Croatia is fairly quick and inexpensive . Just a couple of hours in the sky , and you find yourself in a place with the best environment in the Europe, excellent service and reasonable prices. As for the healing process, in Croatia they are sufficient, fast and efficient due to the fact that the treatment of any disease in a clean place is much more productive and efficient. Azure waters of the Adriatic sea, pine forests and Mediterranean climate accelerate the processes of recovery and rehabilitation at times. No wonder this country has received a "Blue Flag" of the Special Commission of UNESCO for many years.

What diseases are  treated in Croatia?

Primarily Croatia is known worldwide for its springs with thermal waters. Magical properties were first evaluated by the ancient Romans, who built the first term and rehabilitation centers in this country. Since then, it took a long time for Croatia  to accumulate experience and make the best physicians of the country experience the latest technology in medicine.

Mineral springs, thermal waters, sodium chloride hyperthermia and unique natural conditions allow Croatian doctors to effectively treat almost all known diseases. But still, the leading position in this list occupy the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and gynecological diseases. Rheumatic conditions and cardiovascular diseases are also treated in Croatia.

Where the resorts are located?

Virtually, Croatia itself is a large resort. In a relatively small country there are more than 20 thermal springs. Treatment and rehabilitation in Croatia is provided in both Eastern and Northern part of the county. It is here, in Toplice, the main mud and spa resorts are located. But the place that can be called the only in Europe field of curative oil - naphthalan, is considered to be the most unique in the country.

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