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​Infertility Treatment At Croatian Reosrts

The amazing properties of Croatian sources are legendary. The ancient Romans believed that thermal waters of Croatia are a real miracle, they are able to return to people health and vitality.

Infertility Treatment At Croatian Reosrts

Nowadays doctors in Croatia are not fighting a single disease with the help of thermal waters, but sources are mostly used in therapy of infertility.

Gynecological problems in daruvarskih thermal waters are treated  professionally for a long time, ever since the 1960s , when the first specialized department for treatment of gynecological problems and infertility in particular was opened in Zagreb. About 75% of patients were sent to receive the treatment at thermal Daruvarskie waters from the clinic. Within the short period of time, the status of these patients was significantly improved.

The clinic, located near the thermal waters, almost immediately took a leading position among gynecological clinics for rehabilitation, not only in native Croatia, but also around the world. The program of infertility treatment is constantly evolving, supplemented with new methods and opportunities.

What is the secret?

One of the main therapeutic factors, such as thermal water and mineral healing mud called fang, cause unique physical processes that are beneficial to the body and help in the treatment of chronic inflammation, with primary and secondary infertility, complicated operations that caused some problems, hormonal disorder, ovarian dysfunction and so on.

In addition, the use of natural ingredients helps to reduce inflammation and fight with all kinds of tumors in the body. It helps to establish the correct hormonal function, improves the patency of the fallopian tubes and the functions of ovaries and uterus.

What is included in the treatment program?

Usually, the patient receives full course of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation in healthcare centers. At this time, his clinic provides full board and care.

At the beginning of treatment the patient undergoes a complete physical examination, as well as gynecological examinations on arrival and during their stay in the hospital, followed by recommendations for treatment.

Every day guests of hospitals have therapeutic procedures assigned to them by the attending physician.

Full course of treatment lasts for at least 21 days.

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