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​Croatia: Health Resort Varaždinske Toplice

Popular balneomud resort Varaždinske Toplice settled at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level, 68 kilometers from the capital Zagreb Croatian railway station, on the outskirts of the small town of Varazdin.

Croatia: Health Resort Varaždinske Toplice

What is unique about the resort?

The main attractions of the resort are the unique thermal waters. Their curative properties for many centuries attracted patients from around the world to these places. The number of unique minerals and healing effects thermal waters Varazdin have on the body can only be compared to the famous waters of Baden-Baden, located near Vienna.

Varaždinska water is extracted at a depth of not less than 1800 m where its temperature is about 58 degrees Celsius. In accordance with balneologic classification, it is a calcium-sodium-bicarbonate- sulphate and sumpornoy hyperthermal mineral water. In addition, the resort has several mud sources. Their curative mud is also used for medicinal purposes for the recovery of patients undergoing treatment in the clinics of the resort.

Since 1838 there is a special resort in the health center which provides the treatment with the help of unique sources.

In total a modern rehabilitation center Varaždinske Toplice has 5 specialized and interconnected buildings.

Professional neurologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and speech pathologists provide assistance in the rehabilitation center. The center provides services for occupational therapy and therapeutic exercising.

Who will benefit from visiting the resort?

  • Patients with spinal cord injuries.
  • Patients with neurological and orthopedic disorders.
  • People suffering from rheumatism.
  • Patients with digestive system problems or diabetes.

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