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Medical Tourism In Croatia

Medical tourism has recently become very popular in Croatia. According to observations of health professionals, the climate of this country is one of the most suitable for summer rest and treatment. The average annual number of sunshine hours is 2600, the average temperature of the sea in the summer is + 25-27 ° C, the temperature of air is + 30-31 ° C.

Medical Tourism In Croatia

Healthcare in Croatia

Health and health services are subsidized by the government of Croatia. At the same time they are of a very high quality and are competitive to and accessible for not only their European neighbors, but also to the citizens of the United States. Excellent private medical services are also available. Croatia is famous for its highly professional medical care, the main areas for patients from other countries are surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

May you trust physicians?

A significant part of Croatian physicians in various fields of medicine are educated abroad, participate in international conferences and write papers for the world-renowned specialized publications.

What procedures to take?

Croatia is famous for its thermal and mineral springs. Health resorts in Croatia offer exclusive SPA-procedures, skin care and rejuvenation treatments based on relief after stress, detoxification and general prevention .

Where to go for treatment?

In 2012, Croatia hosted about 33 thousand medical tourists for treatment and rehabilitation. The most popular was the continental part of Croatia with its thermal waters and springs. Here is the bulk of the Croatian health complexes of complete cycle with the highest level of service.

Among the patients who come for treatment or rehabilitation after serious illness, such as cancer, very popular are Croatian Zagorje resorts:

  • Krapina Toplice, 
  • Tuheljske Toplice,
  • Stubičke Toplice, 
  • Varaždinske Toplice, 
  • Naftalan,
  • Topusko Toplice.

Also, many people prefer Istria semi-island or choose Slavonia - Bizovachke Toplice , Daruvarske Toplice and Lipik resorts.

Resorts from Istria to Dubrovnik specialize in medical tourism. Here thalassotherapy, also known as sea treatment, is very developed. Waters of the Croatian coast are rich in potassium, calcium, chlorine and iodine. They treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, help recover from injuries, fractures. Also, the sea is the best doctor for for psoriasis for patients who are known to be very difficult to treat .

After a course of treatments on the Croatian coast person starts leaving healthily.

Now health centers that  can offer a unique treatment using naphthalene are actively restored. Deposits of this healing oil can only be found in two countries, such as Croatia and Azerbaijan. We can confidently say that after renovations these resorts will get worldwide recognition.

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