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​Croatia : Ivanic Grad Health Resort

Mud treatment center Naftalan is the main attraction of the small resort town in the heart of Croatia. It  brought the worldwide attraction to small Croatian resort, making it of the most significant health centers.

Croatia : Ivanic Grad Health Resort

What is unique about the resort?

Ivanic Grad is a birthplace for naphthalene, a special type of oil that serves as a remedy for a number of diseases, such as various skin diseases and burns of a high degree for more than for 60 years so far. Scientists know only two naphthalene fields and one of them is Croatian resort of Ivanic Grad.

Thermal springs, which are the main attraction of the resort, located in a beautiful park, close to the forest zone, make the air around them therapeutic .

Who will benefit from treatment at the resort?

  • Patients with venous disease.
  • Patients with skin disease of varying severity.
  • Patients with problems with the joints or arthritis.
  • Patients suffering from diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

In addition, the thermal waters of the resort will be useful for everybody who cares about his or her health and wants  to strengthen the body a little. They are perfectly suitable for skin clearing and will have a tonic effect on your skin, soothe the nervous system and stimulate metabolism.

How to get there?

It's easy! The city is located 30 km from the main railway station of the capital of Croatia, so it should be easy to buy a ticket on the bus or train to get here.

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