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​SEMA Multidisciplinary Hospital

SEMA Multidisciplinary Hospital is a very large modern private medical institution, which is located at the seaside, in the district of Istanbul. The clinic is accredited by JCI. As well it holds ISO 14001, 9001 QMS, OHSAS 18001.

SEMA Multidisciplinary Hospital

Medical Center is located in a modern building, which was built with the use of so-called smart system. Therefore, patients in the hospital can use additional "benefits of civilization", such as climate control directly in the room, an option to call nurses and others.

One of the features is the availability of hospital treatment and diagnostic framework that enables the clinic to provide medical services at the a high international level, not only for the citizens of Turkey, but also medical tourists from the EU countries and the CIS.

The infrastructure of SEMA Hospital

This medical institutions virtually has all types of health services, thus, it strictly adheres to international and European standards. The infrastructure of the clinic includes:

  • Three maternity departments.
  • Six operating rooms.
  • Thirteen intensive care units.
  • The five intensive care units for newborns.
  • Nine cardiac intensive care units.
  • Catheterization laboratory for coronary vessels.

In total, the medical institution provides 218 fixed seats, 162 of them are single hospital wards, 5 of them are VIP and another 19 are suits. All hospital wards are highly comfortable and meet international health standards.

The clinic works on the principle of a unified system of information processing and all the medical documents are kept in electronic form.

Features of treatment at SEMA Hospital

SEMA Clinic is known throughout the Europe for its advanced cardiac surgery, which holds one of the leading places among the medical institutions of the European Union with a similar specialization. In addition, the following branches in the hospital are well developed:

  • Modern obstetrics.
  • Orthopaedics.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Check-up diagnostics program.

Foreign patients are provided with the following care in hospital:

  • Online pre-consultation, during which the feasibility of arrival in Turkey is determined.
  • Support from the airport and the provision of housing.
  • Translation of documentation and the services of an interpreter.
  • The possibility of excursions organizing etc.

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