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​Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is the first medical facility in Turkey, which has received the honorary certificate JCI. Currently, the clinic is a member of the Association of American hospitals, and works closely with many leading medical centers around the world, including the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Medical Center.

Memorial Hospital

Features of Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is the first project in the field of public health major Turkish investment company. The main objective of the project - is the creation of "medical institution of the future." In this project we took part in not only domestic investors but also well-known American experts in the field of medicine. Through participation in this project, Memorial Hospital has been completely built and equipped with all modern international requirements for medical facilities.

Specialties of Memorial

Hospital started its work in 2000, as a private medical center. Today the center has 180 fixed seats and equipped with the latest medical technology. In addition to offices and hospital clinics in the territory of the center is a comfortable hotel, a research center, a conference hall, and so on.

Treatment in Memorial Hospital

Main Line in the practice of the clinic is transplantation and artificial insemination. These two trends have made Memorial health care institution known in many countries of the European Union.

The Centre of artificial insemination and IVF Genetics is a leading one in Europe and in the world today, thanks to the wide application in practice, microinjection method, and other unique methods. The results of long-term practice center was the birth of more than 10 thousands of healthy babies.

The second priority of the clinic is to develop and obtain embryonic stem cells, which in the future will be used for the cultivation of different types of tissue, such as neural tissue, heart, bones, cartilage, and others.

Thus, the further development of this trend experts of the center opens fundamentally new opportunities in the treatment of genetically caused diseases, as well as making full use of organs for transplantation far.

Even today, the heart transplants, kidney and liver transplants are considered to be ordinary operations in Memorial clinic.

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